2013 (Some) Dialog Options Not Appearing

>using Windows 7 Pro x86_64
>(apparently there is a bug related to this? Was there a fix for it?)

 Installed the latest update (rev3589) and I am able to open the various 2013 example projects (2013 Vision Example, so on). 

 However, I am not able to use the dialog option/wizard to create Subsystems, Commands, and Command Groups. IIRC, you are supposed to be able to create them by rightclicking the project -> New -> FRC (or Other -> FRC) and have the creation dialog there. 

Here is an example of what I am talking about – you can see the Command Based Robot Template on the left, however, no dialog option for the New->Other->FRC->Subsystems.

EDIT::My fault, I did not read the documentation.
For anybody who crosses by this, an Eclipse plugin must be installed for Windriver Workbench. This is outlined on page 21 of the WPILib Robot Cookbook.

Did you install Workbench 3.3 from the 2nd DVD?


Did you install the most recent workbench update?

I know that in the Programming C/C++ Cookbook it also tells you how to install those menus

I installed the latest Workbench Update from firstforge.wpi.edu, which is rev 3589.

Could you tell me which page & in which document you saw the solution (installing those menus)? Many thanks.

Solved. Refer to OP for explanation. Thanks dhe95.