2013 SVR

I’m happy to see teams 148 RoboWranglers and 118 Robonauts are coming to play in San Jose. This will be a week 6 barn buster competition. Get your seats early for this one.

Week 6 I believe this year. Wow both 148 and 118, isn’t this going to be fun.

It should get even better once some of the withheld slots are released.

Does anyone know if those withheld spots will be open to second regional registration or are they reserved for rookie teams?

They are generally for rookies. Not sure at what point they get relinquished to wait list teams.

SVR is gonna be amazing this year. 148, 118, the usual 254 and 971…those elims matches are gonna be amazing. Just hope we’ll be in them. :wink:

Don’t forget about the Holy Cows, Space Cookies, GRT, Funky Monkey’s, WarriorBorgs, WildHats and many other great teams.

Once California shifts over to District’s we won’t get this crazy level of competition anymore :frowning:

1538 isn’t registered for SVR this year.

Have been wanting our team to go to SVR just for this reason. It’s quite a drive though especially with regionals much closer to us. On the bright side CA CMP is going to be fun.

Picked the right year to come back to SVR, not if we’re trying to qualify for champs though… :rolleyes:

Well, this looks to be a pretty interesting SVR! Last time we competed with 118 and 148 . . . http://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2007tx_qf1m2

Maybe we’ll get to do it again? I can’t wait!

You’re totally right. At an already crazy regional, were going to get even more crazy play. There’s even a chance that 254 might not win!

I wonder if any of the middle level teams (for SVR anyway) that we “shouldn’t forget” will go for a defensive strategy to try to get with a winning alliance. SVR tends to be very offensive, and I’m interested to see if and how having so many powerhouse teams will change qualifications and eliminations play.

One thing I’ve noticed is that people seem to forget that there are a good number of teams which consistently produce quality offensive robots, but get overlooked because they’re not making waves on the national level. I really don’t like categorizing teams into tiers like this, but for the sake of discussion, we’re talking about teams like 1868, 1280*, 192, 604, 846, etc. Just because they haven’t been on the winning alliance in a while doesn’t mean they haven’t come close. They’re still title contenders every year, and at every event they attend, and I doubt any of them would go defense just because a few more national powerhouses are joining the fray:

  1. Trying to get on the winning alliance as a defensive robot for these teams is going to be a bigger gamble than just trying to build the best robot they can. They build quality robots, drive well and have good game sense, they would get snatched up before they make it back around. We’re assuming that without their solid offensive play in qualifiers, the powerhouses will easily get to the top of the rankings. This also leaves the entire offensive field shallower, which means that the top few alliances will have all the offense, and leave the lower half picking up as much defense as possible…and they’ll take these guys first.

  2. With the addition of at least 118 and 148, things get a little tougher to guarantee in the rankings. Like a stacked Championship division, the top contenders often beat each other up in qualifiers. That opens up a lot of possibilities for the 1868’s, 192’s and others that are consistently reaching the 2nd-5th seeds to leapfrog over a few. Maybe one of them gets a chance to pick up 118 or 148…or 254. Now it’s a whole new ballgame. But they probably don’t get that chance if they go defensive

  3. Most of these teams attend multiple events, and they’re usually considered favorites for the medal at those, because they are quite good. Would you sacrifice your chances at your other events to try and get on the winning alliance at SVR as defense?

  4. Let’s say, hypothetically, one or more of the teams in question does choose to go defensive, and manages to sneak by and get themselves on the winning alliance. They make it to champs…and then what? Very few purely defensive robots ever make CMP eliminations. The defensive robots we see at champs are almost always** robots that have some offensive capability and are just really well driven with good drivetrains. These teams build good drivetrains every year, and drive it well every year, so they’re only more likely to get picked at champs if they design a healthy amount of offense in.

*1280 is not currently signed up for SVR, but hopefully they get in via waitlist…

**Yes, of course there are exceptions, or robots which are specialized in a part of the game that’s not considered primary offense, but they are few and far between. There’s upwards of 350 teams at champs, the odds are not in their favor.

Seems like it’s going to be amazing as always. The Fembots will see you all there!
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It’s a shame Vegas and SVR wound up week 6:( The High Rollers were originally planning on returning to one of our favorite regionals and we were bummed when we learned SVR was moved to week 6. We can only imagine what it would have been like if we could have joined in the fun:D

I think “defensive” is a somewhat poor term - I like “utility” a lot better as it covers more strategies and robot designs. Utility robots are often “defensive” but limiting yourself to that title really cuts back on your options.

It’s also totally possible to build a utility robot that seeds high enough to be an alliance captain, either via new seeding rules or by smart strategy. The trick is to add just enough functionality to either win outright or enable easy wins - even if you can’t yourself put up triple digit scores.

I think a lot of the teams that have been mentioned are of a caliber where they can produce great offensive or hybrid threats, but more utility robots at a regional are never a bad thing.

There’s always the “chance that 254 might not win”, we play hard and have fun doing so! And I’m sure that no one comes to SVR with the attitude of letting anyone walk out of the building with any sort of award without earning it.

That aside all of poofs are really excited to have some of our friends from Texas coming out to play!

All I have to say is, the Robowranglers are beyond excited to be heading out West for such a great event. The level of competition is going to be insane, and I think SVR is going to be the highlight of Week 6, and probably the whole regional season! Whoever comes out on top will certainly have run the gauntlet and earned it. I can’t wait to get out there and see some old friends and some new faces!

Talk about a rumble the Pink Team and the Greybots are joining in the week six fun. Is this going to be fun?

Fun for the viewers! I’m really excited to watch SVR.