2013 Traverse City District!

The first day is done! What does everyone think? Here is what I observed:

  • Fullcourt shooters seem to be working effectively
  • Where is 2246’s robot?

And thank you to 2771 for providing the webcast, found here:


Yeah fanbots are pretty effective also.

I second that.

I am wondering do you know why the stream was messed up yesterday? Part of the top of the screen got spliced and moved to the bottom of the screen.

Alliance selection:

1: 1918 2474 4835
2: 4391 2771 244
3: 3602 3618 4392
4: 217 857 201
5: 2000 835 4003
6: 3688 216 3617
7: 2619 3770 4004
8: 1596 1711 3234

Team 2000 was declined by a team (can’t remember who at the moment).

Good luck everyone!

Dear Code Red Robotics Webcast Team,

Thank you very much for all the efforts you have been doing this and the past years to make the competitions available to us that can’t make them. Now that I am living in Austria, it’s even more appreciated.


I’m trying to watch the webcast from the Traverse City event and I hope you don’t mind some constructive criticism:

  1. The scrolling banner…it is really quite distracting. And I’m not sure why it’s there since it is advertising the webcast…which I am already watching…
  2. The rapid camera changes…it almost makes the matches impossible to follow.
  3. The zooming in and out and panning…again…you almost can’t tell what’s going on.

I know it sounds boring but the absolute best thing you could do is have a good full field view and just have that the entire time.

Thanks again for all you do and I hope I don’t offend…but with all the camera switching, panning and zooming and the banner…I almost can’t watch it…


And thank you 2337 for the beautiful video posted to utube of all the matches. I, who be in CA nowadays, almost felt like I was there!

Do you have a link you can share?

Try the archive at http://www.youtube.com/user/FIRSTinMichigan/videos?view=0

Traverse City District is a great venue. It was great to be back after missing it last year. Everything ran smoothly, TC Central is a great facility, the volunteers did a great job taking care of the teams, the field, and the game play.

Congratulations to all who participated. This was a grueling build season, and there were a lot of competitive machines in play. It was fun to watch the game tactics and strategy develop over the course of quals and elims.

Thanks to 2474 & 4835 for partnering with us in elim’s. 2474 - You built the right machine for this game. Your mad skills (auton, colored disc shots, and quick shooting) make you an ideal partner for any alliance. 4835 - Welcome to FIRST. You built a nice machine that did what we needed (auton, shooting, strong chassis, and willingness to attach a 60" wall). Congratulations on earning Rookie All Star.

Most of all, Congratulations to 2771 for taking home the Chairman’s Award. I’ve never seen a team that was so well deserving. Your efforts help all of us in West Michigan build the FIRST culture. Thanks also for a couple of key pointers on how to build a better shooter.

Thanks for the feedback, Dan. Every tip will help us serve the FIRST community better. We’ll work on the banner issue and see if we can eliminate that distraction. There are a few other improvements we have in mind going forward as well.

As far as items 2 and 3 go, the camera operation is not up to us. Code Red takes the feed supplied by the event’s AV crew and makes it available through the web. The hard-working, all-volunteer staff at Traverse City gave it all they had.

Thanks for the report and for tuning in, Dan. It’s great to connect with FIRST friends all over the world!