2013 Ultimate Ascent Woodie Flowers Winners

Every year we honor mentors that spend billions of hours and pour heart and soul into their teams, roboteers and robots. We recognize their dedication and that there would not be a FIRST without these mentors. You guys ROCK!

== Week 1 Winners ===
BAE Systems Granite State Regional – Team 133 – John DiRenzo - Standish, ME
Finger Lakes Regional – Team 1511 – Lawrence Lewis Jr. – Penfield, NY
Palmetto Regional – Team 415 – Tommy N. Williams, Jr. – Williamston, SC
Hub City Regional – Team 2468 – **Norman Morgan **-- Austin, TX
Central Valley Regional – Team 1422 – Dr. Devin Blizzard – Fresno, CA

== Week 2 Winners ==
Greater Toronto East Regional – Team 781 – Bill Jackson – Kincardine, ON
San Diego Regional – Team 1622 – Rodger Dohm – Poway, CA
Orlando Regional – Team 233 – Marian Passmore – Rockledge/Cocoa Beach, FL
WPI Regional – Team 20 – Larry Ruff – Clifton Park, NY
Northern Lights Regional – Benjamin Thorgard
Lake Superior Regional – Team 3018 – Deb Johnson – Saint Peter, MN
New York City Regional – Team 1155 – Fred Levy – Bronx, NY
Autodesk Oregon Regional – Team 2130 – Edward Katz – Bonners Ferry, ID
Lone Star Regional – Team 418 – Randy Baden – Austin, TX

The winner of the Northern Lights Regional Woodie Flowers award is Benjamin Thorgard. Can someone tell me what team he is with?

Ben Thorsgard is from team 876
and thats the correct spelling:)

From Week 4:
Bayou Regional – Team 1912 – Wendy Holladay – Slidell, LA

(Congratulations to my mommy! We knew you totally deserved it and now everyone else does too!)

Week Two Winners…
Bill Jackson 781 Toronto East
Rodger Dohm 1622 San Diego
Marian Passmore 233 Orlando
Larry Ruff 20 WPI
Deb Johnson 3018 Lake Superior
Benjamin Thorgard 876 Northern Lights
Fred Levy 1155 New York City
Edward Katz 2130 Autodesk Oregon
Randy Baden 418 Lone Star
David Barsheshet 4320 Israel

Thanks Foster for starting this post.

Week Three Winners…
John Keane 296 Montreal
Debi Huffman 4468 Peachtree
Michael Carmain 45 Boilermaker
Aaron Bailey 1986 Kansas City
Charlie Blair 931 St. Louis
Brian Walinski 1086 North Carolina
Sharon Goodall 449 Pittsburgh
James Gillespie 2068 Virginia

Week Four Winners…
Chris Arnold 2386 Waterloo
David Thompson 2486 Phoenix
Mark Edelman 2489 Sacramento
David Brinza 980 Los Angeles
Wendy Holladay 1912 Bayou
Joseph Johnson 3958 Boston
Paul George 1038 Queen City
David Ricks 704 Dallas
Curtis Thomas 1566 Utah
Madison Krass 488 Central Washington
Jeffrey Fenstermaker 930 Wisconsin

Congratulations to All.

We are so proud and honoured to have Chris Arnold be our lead mentor. It was great to see him win this award! Very long over due…

Al, you’ve been off by 1 week since week 2. Week 5 competitions are this week.

Corrected, Thanks. I would like to thank Foster for starting this thread. I have been a little under the weather and had missed some precious time to post earlier this month. It is very important to recognize all of these great mentors.

Week 5 Woodie Awards Winners

Sarah Sils 771 Greater Toronto West
Steve Zimmerman 2429 Inland Empire
Kurt Willstetter 2421 Washington D.C.
Dan Niemitalo 967 Minnesota North Star
Evan Hochstein 2470 Minnesota 10,000 Lakes
Larry Oberle 1270 Buckeye
Scott Taylor 932 Oklahoma
Mark Buckner 4265 Smokey Mountains
Jeffrey Erickson 2789 Alamo
Fred Leuke 3574 Seattle

Congratulations All!

There were some events that hadn’t posted the award winners yet. Can someone fill those in, please?

Added Connecticut and South Florida.

Inaugural 2013 Razorback Regional winner was Mr. Dan P. Ritter III of Team 2410, BV CAPS Metal Mustang Robotics. We’re all honored to have been coached by him.

Week Six Woodie Award Winners

Craig Maynard 4334 at Western Canada
Dan Ritter 2410 at Razorback
John Best 604 at Silicon Valley
Mark Mahoney 3729 at Colorado
Robert Brem 2439 at Hawaii
Mark Holschuh 2194 at Midwest
Dan Newby 447 at Crossroads
Mike Pettengill 1058 at Pine Tree
Frank Pendzich 3011 at Las Vegas
Catherine Temps 1468 at Long Island
Rick Deford 1595 at Spokane

Congratulations to all the newest Woodie Flowers winners!

Catherine Temps is from Team 1468.

Thanks, added.

Ed Petrillo from Team 293 won the WWFA at the MAR Regional Championships yesterday.

yes he did, and we couldn’t be more proud of him :slight_smile:

…and I got to give it to him!

Jeffery Byrnes of Team 226 won the WWFA at Michigan State Championship