2013 Utah Regional

We’re excited for another great year at the Utah regional, who else here is attending?

team 1332 will be there

We plan to be there coming straight from Chicago and spending a few days at Park City before the event.
Hopefully nothing happens on the slopes, especially our drive team.:rolleyes:

Congrats on the fantastic performance at Boilermaker, Hawaiian Kids!
Attached is an Android app for taking robot pictures at Utah. Load the folders onto your microSD and install the app. It will let you choose the team and view, then it will save it as team#-view-timestamp in the ScoutingPhotos folder so you can easily look them up later without renaming 120images. To use it for a different regional or change the viewnames, edit the data.txt file in the ScoutingData folder. This is the first attempt, so forgive the lack of bells and whistles.

Tators.zip (186 KB)

Tators.zip (186 KB)

Good luck to the Nevada teams 988 and 3009! Represent! :smiley:

2594 can’t wait to compete with so many great teams!

Team 3216 is glad to make it to Utah too! Come visit us at our pit :slight_smile:

Good luck to all teams as they close out qualifications and start eliminations!

Congratulations to the winning alliance of 359, 192, and 3239!!! A shout out to our alliance partners: 1891, you were incredible to work with, extremely nice, and amazing to have with us. We just about had them that last match, and I hope your robot survived the fall!!! 3251, thank you for letting us throw the net on your robot to block some of the shots, and for giving us very consistent auto points every single time. What great regional!!!
Excited to see everyone in St. Louis!!!

pssst… the data hungry of the CD community don’t want y’all to forget to post some alliance info

and you’ve had… like… hundreds of minutes to post this… :rolleyes: