2013 Washington DC Regional

Currently, the DC Regional is at 57 teams, with 4 rookie teams! Team 166, The Chop Shop, will be there this year! Who else will be there?

Current Team List:

53 Alien Cow Abductors
79 Team Krunch
116 Epsilon Delta
138 Entropy
166 Chop Shop
303 TEST team
339 Kilroy
379 RoboCats
383 Brazilian Machine
422 Mech Tech Dragons
467 Shrewsbury Colonials
612 Chantilly Robotics
614 Night Hawks
615 Knights
620 Warbots
623 Cougar Robotics
836 RoboBees
1095 RoboCavs
1195 G2H2
1389 The Body Electric
1418 Vae Victis
1446 BAE League of Extraordinary Engineers
1731 Fresta Valley Robotics Club
1735 Green Reapers
1748 Lab Rats
1849 Griffins
1885 ILITE Robotics
1915 MTHS Firebird Robotics
2121 Mecha Clerks
2377 C Company
2415 WiredCats
2421 Rolling Thunder Robotics
2534 The Lakers
2537 RAID
2590 Nemesis
2630 Thunderbolts
2642 Pitt Pirates
2866 Phoenix Robotics
2900 The Mighty Penguins
2911 CoolBots
2912 The Panthers
2961 Crimson Tide Engineers
2962 EagleBots
2963 AnaDroids
2964 Robopanthers
2974 Walton Robotics
3196 Team SPORK
3650 Robo Raptors
4067 The Incredible Hawk
4099 Falcons FIRST
4137 Wilde Bunch
4242 Fresh T.E.C.H.S.
4456 Cadet Robotics
4464 Team Illusion
4466 Robo Hamsters
4638 Jaguars

EDIT: Added Team names, also this list is REALLY long!

Can’t wait for the competition. Only two days away!

166 just got into DC and can’t wait for the competition!

You forgot to add 2849 Ursa Major who will be competing at DC

Members from 4472 & 2068 will be at the competition as competition volunteers, we’re excited to see all the robots and some great competition!

I’m packing now… (flight leaves in < 8 hours and I’m over an hour from the airport)

Looking forward to the DC competition this weekend. Has the webcast link been established?

Is their a webcast link yet?

Sorry about that! when I made that list you were not listed as attending yet, and the website also said there was 0 slots left so I assumed the regional was full.

There will be a webcast, I’ll post the link when it gets up and running.


It’s ok i just was running thru the list in my dorm I’m an alumni so i understand possible we entered it later after you made the list.
Does anyone know who the MC is?
How many 30pt climber are their attending DC? If so which teams?

Unfortunately team 2866 will not be attending, TheBlueAlliance was wrong on this one. Sorry

2630 thunderbolts are coming all the way from israel! good luck everyone!

Headed in now, lovely day for a bike commute! See you all there!


Here are two webcast links to try:

Direct link to web cast:


NASA Robotics Webcast Page:


Click the Webpage link for Washington DC Regional

Enjoy: :slight_smile:

What’s up with audio? Anyone else getting Jeff Seaton announcing old matches on audio while the live feed of the opening ceremonies is on video?

Yea I’m getting the same thing. Hearing about coopertition bridges while the opening ceremony is shown

Anyone know why the sound on the NASA feed is from last year even though they are showing the video feed from this year?

Don’t know why…or how … but I do know event folks are aware and are working on it.

Field communication already at DC 3 matches in what happend