2013 Waterford District

Hey everyone, it was a great weekend! Lots of amazing matches and awesome robots!

Congratulations to 33, 1718, and 4779 on winning it all!

Team 1701 would especially like to thank 573 and 4384 for selecting us as alliance partners-it was a blast and we gave it everything we had!

Whew!!! It only took us until our 8th year to finally win an event! This robot surprised even us…we came in not sure at all what it could do and we certainly didn’t expect the performance we got from it. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of 33 and 4779…thank you for helping us form a tremendous alliance! Also thanks/congratulations to 51, 3414, and 3604 for the fight you guys gave us in the finals. You definitely had us a little scared after the 2nd match.

Congratulations to 548 on their Chairman’s Award win and to 2834 for winning Engineering Inspiration.

Lastly, there have been many people in the FIRST community who have told me or members of our team that they were pulling for us to finally win an event…I want to thank all of you for the support. It was nice to know that someone was noticing our accomplishments and wanted us to get rewarded for it.

Now we begin preparations for Grand Blanc, but first I think I need a day to sleep and bask in the glow of being an event champion. :smiley:


You guys were great all weekend. It’s awesome that you guys finally got #1. I am sure there are many more too come. Hopefully some with us…:wink:

Your choice of 33 was clearly the correct pick. Their robot was amazing…probably one of the best in the country.

Congrats again to 1718, 33, and 4779.

Craig and the rest of the Pi,

Congratulations on a well deserved and long overdue win. You built an elegant and well performing machine. I am sure we will see more of this from you guys in the future. Enjoy your first of many blue banners.


As usual…awesome! Win or lose you are one team I always enjoy playing both against and with. The frisbee avalanche that occurred during field reset after every one of your matches was a site to see.

Good luck this year.


Congrats on your first win. You were a great pick to complete this awesome alliance. I cant wait to see more from you guys.

I really enjoyed watching the Waterford webcast (thanks again to Code Red). There were a lot of great machines and strategies on display. I look forward to seeing them at MSC, which is shaping up to be another great event.

A special congratulations to 1718. You have deserved this victory for a long time. I’m sure there are many more in your future, and I hope we can join you in some of them.

You guys deserved the win, you have a very good robot. The choice of 33 was very good, their 5 to 7 disc autonomous is hard to overcome. We tried to keep up with you guys but to no such luck. I was even just surprised we where able to make it out of the first round against both 494 and 67 with their great robots as always with their full court shooters.

This years competition is a lot of fun to watch and there where a lot of great robots at Waterford. When we see the losing alliance in some qualification match score 90+ points and lose without penalties you know there are good robots there.

Congratulations teams 33, 1718 and 4779 on a well deserved win!!! It was an honor and a blast to compete against such a great alliance (not to mention the other alliances in the semi and quarter finals). It was also humbling and an honor to be selected by our alliance partners team 51 and 3414 and participating all the way through the finals! This was only our team’s third season with FRC and only my first as coach - to say the least this was very exciting and rewarding competition for our entire team. I would like to say ‘Thanks’ to all of those who offered their words of support and help during the competition - it’s one of the things I truly believe makes FRC a great experience for all those involved. Good Luck at States!

Congratulations to our two sister teams 4779 and 1718! Congrats 33 as well for an outstanding win!! It was well deserved and we’ll see you at Grand Blanc 1718 and 33!

This is a bit overdue but it has been an interesting last week.

To all the teams, I was really impressed with the depth at Waterford. There were so many good teams there that the final pick was hard, but it was because there were so many good options left.

Congrats to 548 on the CA at Waterford. I know you folks put a lot of effort into it.

Congrats to the #6 alliance for fighting the hard fight through #3, #2 alliances, and putting up so a great match in the finals. Your alliance was so impressive in its versatility.

  1. Thank you for joining the alliance. It was refreshing to be at a district event and have such a strong 3rd partner in the last round. Your robot was so well built, and I loved how accepting of advice and pointers your team was.

  2. It was so awesome to win one with you guys. Thank you so much for picking us. Your consistentency at Waterford was absolutely amazing. Maybe we will get a chance to do it again this weekend.

To the hosts and VC at Waterford, what a great event to volunteer at. The food was great, the atmosphere was amazing, and it was run very well. I would highly recommend being a volunteer there in the future.