2013 WPI Regional

Didn’t see a thread for this yet, so here it is!

157 is excited to be attending WPI this year - who else will be joining us?

We are! Team 20 is excited to be attending WPI this year! :smiley:

3182, Athena’s Warriors will be there!

Excited for our second year at WPI!:slight_smile:

Since its not letting me update the first post with the team list, here it is:

20 The Rocketeers
121 Rhode Warriors
155 Technonuts
157 Aztechs
173 R.A.G.E.
177 Bobcat Robotics
228 Gus Robotics
246 Overclocked
467 Shrewsbury Colonials
529 Mansfield Hornets
558 Robo Squad
571 Team Paragon
663 Robonauts
839 Rosie Robotics
1100 T-Hawks
1277 Robotomies
1289 Gearheadz
1493 The Falcons
1687 Dorhety Technical Forces
1735 Green Reapers
1884 Griffins
2067 Apple Pi
2168 Aluminum Falcons
2370 iBots
2621 Bucs
2791 Shaker Robotics
2877 Ligerbots
3044 Team 0xBE4
3182 Athena’s Warriors
3205 Patriots
3499 River’s Edge Robotics
3623 Terror Bots
3654 TechTigers
3930 SMART
4557 Fullmetal Falcons (Rookie)
4584 Team Haven (Rookie)

Welcome to 1884 from London and the 2 Rookie teams!

228 will be up! Good luck to everyone during build, see you in a couple months!


Team 190 might be there. I’m not really sure though. :wink:

See you all here in March and good luck during build season. :slight_smile:

Rosie wouldn’t miss it. It’s her favorite Regional!

We missed it last year, but now we’re back. If everything works out, we will have one regional under our belt before WPI.

So glad to see tons of friends on the event list too! 20, 177, 2168, 3044 among many others.

The Griffins (Team 1884) are looking forward to coming to WPI for a third year in a row from over the pond. Hopefully we will have no travel delays this time.

We’re excited to have you!

This is our first year competing at WPI as a regional, and not an off season event. :slight_smile:

Its also Dana’s favorite :smiley:

I see the potential for a 3-falcon alliance!

We are excited about the new pit area at WPI. Is there any other arena that had the FRC in mind when they designed it?

No more 9x9 pits! Snack bar on the competition floor! What could be better?

2168 is coming with our best team yet. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Will be coming! We’re really excited!

Just to correct my team member, this is the 2nd time we’ll be attending the WPI regional. We attended the inaugural WPI Regional in 2010 and look forward to competing after a couple years elsewhere!

See you all in Worcester!

The TechTigers will be coming with our robot , Raja ! Its our first time going to this regional. We are very excited! See you all there !

Great first day at WPI today, despite the snow!

Looking forward to tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here are my photos from today, more to come tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Good luck everyone tomorrow!!!

Good luck to you too. You guys have improved a lot since we saw you on the RPI practice field and should be proud of your robot.


No hanging points for the red alliance?

According to my sources, the ruling was that two robots hanging from the same wrung is worth zero points.