2014/2015 protocol documentation

are there any documents detailing the old and new control protocols?

we are going to be repurposing a cRIO, and we need to send packets to it so that it ‘goes’…

If you want to just use a cRio as a demo bot or what have you, I’d recommend Thunder cRio tools. I haven’t used it, but it should let you use Eclipse to compile.

When trying to enable I believe you would have to select 2014 protocol or cRio on the driver station.

I recall on one of the CSA calls they were thinking of releasing the rio<–>DS protocol specs, but did not finalize on a date to release it.

Heard the same thing at St Louis, and was given some names to follow up with (which I have not done).

In the mean time, a little Googling yesterday yielded https://github.com/anidev/frc-driverstation, which looks like a pretty complete implmentation. It built just fine on Linux (I don’t have Maven on my Windows PC right now); hopefully I’ll have a chance to fire it up against a roboRIO over the weekend…