2014 Arial Assist Score Calculator

I put together a score calculator again this year.


Please let me know if you find any problems.

You will need to download it to make changes.

It doesn’t do any error checking yet (e.g. multiple scores from one robot in auto).
Also, the entry of assist points is a little weird, but it’s the best way to enter the data quickly so far.

If you have suggestions/requests please contact me at [email protected]

nice work I send it to my time

This calculator looks pretty sound. I do have a few suggestions about things that must be considered for match scoring. Under section 3.1.4 the manual states

“Points are awarded once per CYCLE for BALLS SCORED by ROBOTS in the GOALS, BALLS SCORED by ROBOTS over the TRUSS, and for each ROBOT CATCH. Additional points are credited to an ALLIANCE upon each GOAL based on the number of ASSISTS earned by the ALLIANCE for that CYCLE.”

This means that assists, truss scores, and catches are not added to the alliance score until the cycle is completed. I believe that if the match were to end mid-cycle, none of the assist, truss, or catch points would count towards the final score.
A sheet taking this into account may consist of a section for scores from the auto period for each robot and then a separate section for points scored in each cycle.

I’m of the understanding that truss & catch points will count regardless of whether or not the ball is scored. Assist points, however, are only applied to scored balls.

thank you so much this calculator will make my job a whole lot easier