2014 Arizona Regional

I’m seeing threads about regionals popping up. I guess it’s time for Arizona to have one.

Who’s coming? Anyone excited or want to share their robots?

Us, of course :wink:

Man I miss inspecting at the Arizona regional. Too much going on out here in CA to get out your way as often.

2449 will be back. And without that pesky pyramid to foil our plans… We look forward to learning and competing again.

The new and improved 4111 Peace, Love, Robots will definitely be there. And we’ll be able to do more than just move this year. We’re excited for the competition and can’t wait. See you all at Hamilton!

To all the AZ FRC Teams (and of course also Team 812 from CA, our 1 registered guest from out of State this year so far), competing in Week 4 at the AZ Regional 2014…Are there any teams that know at this point in time, that they will not be ready to pass inspection within a few hours on Thursday March 20, 2014 and may need some assistance or help (from veteran teams willing to help you do so of course), to get inspected and on the field to practice & compete?

If so answer here, then PM and we will attempt to help you work out a plan (via PM, telephone / e-mail, etc.), in advance, so we know what to tell you to bring, and so we bring anything add’l. that you may need, in addition to that which we usually carry w/ us.

We will attempt to match you up w/ a group of veteran team mentors and students that can help and are willing. (Our goal is to help get you inspected, passed, & onto that field if you are in need of, and are willing to accept assistance in doing so)…So please do not hesitate to ask. And please ask early, while we still have time together to work out an effective plan.

Every rookie / veteran team out there at one time or another, has faced issues in the past. (helping out others is beyond just a FIRST motto, it is “what we do” with expertise, tools, materials, knowledge, ideas, labor, and helpful criticism that embodies "Co-opertition and Gracious Professionalism’).
And with added Tournament Rules the last few years of “5.5.2 Eligibility and Inspection Rules & T6”, it is just another additional incentive, and in all of our best interests, to offer help those needing help, in getting all of our robots inspected, passed, & on the field well before qualifying matches begin, if we possibly can. (It is definitely more fun and more rewarding, when ALL Teams Registered for an event can & do participate!)

Teams…Please “Read the whole FRC Manual 2014” of course…But, please read & re-read Section "5.5.2 Eligibility and Inspection Rules and T6-T12 as some of those rules can be confusing to many, and your actions can affect other teams always. (Pay particular attention to that Blue Box in T6 please!)

In short if your robot “is safe”, it can participate in “Practice Matches” prior to passing inspection (though, it could be deemed unsafe at any time on the field or otherwise). But, it CANNOT & SHALL NOT, participate in “Qualifying and or Elimination Matches” prior to PASSING THE INSPECTION PROCESS or any NECESSARY REQUIRED Re-inspection. (Doing so, can get the entire Alliance DQ’d).

That Blue box… That is the plain language explanation of “T6”, & puts the onus on ALL OF US…“Your Alliance Partners”, to help make sure you (and we), have ALL passed the inspection process before Qualifying Matches even begin. (It also makes sure every one of us play, but play safely together!)

Now,…Who (competing at the Arizona Regionals 2014), will be ready for Robot Inspection early on Thursday AM 3/20/14…And who “knowingly at this point in time, will not be ready, and may need some help / assistance Thursday in getting ready?” Who else is willing to help others get ready that need & request our help? (Yes, that last ? is looking for more volunteers).

FIRST FRC Team 60 (Bionic Bulldogs), will be ready for robot inspection early, and is also willing to help other teams needing & requesting our assistance. Please request assistance early, like now, if possible. (Just PM team name and contact info).

Otherwise, GL & we’ll be looking forward to seeing you all in Chandler, and TY USFIRST, AZ FIRST, & Hosts -Hamilton High School!.

4183 will be bouncing back from Hub city ready for inspection and willing to help any teams in need!

1726 put a working robot in the bag, as usual we hope to be one of the first teams to complete the inspection process.

Let us know if you would like some help.

Thanks Kevin & Jim…Both 1726 & 4183 have been added w/ 60 to the “willing to help list.”

Hey Jim…Guess it is true eh…The apple does not fall too far from the tree. Both Forbes…Father & Son?

Hey, I resemble that remark!

842 is planning to be through inspection early on Thursday, and I’m hoping to not have to deal with too many mechanical issues with our robot. I’d be glad to help with teams scrambling to get through inspection.

Team 4111 will hopefully pass inspection early in the day and be able to compete. Even if we’re not ready, there usually isn’t enough work for everyone to do in our pit anyway. I can’t guarantee anything to any team but at regionals just ask and if we can spare someone, we will. We are a third year team and in our first two years teams were extra nice to us and helped us get ready. It would be nice to pay it forward to another rookie team.

Thanks, 842 & 4111 have been added to the “willing to help” list.

So far, no takers to the “will need or request help” list.

(For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to change my name to Forbes…Lol) Something tells me yours will sail right through inspection Steven. For, I have seen the videos. Great bot again!

Is there a team hosting the webcast this year? I know 3158 hosted it in 2012 & 2013 but, they are not attending the regional this year.

Were going to try and record every match and upload it as fast as we can to Youtube. Our internet is a 4g phone so depending on signal, the matches will at least be uploaded during the night. Will post link to youtube channel when it is all set up. Don’t know if anyone is webcasting the event though.

big day tomorrow…we get to see all the robots! and someone painted a target on our backs :slight_smile:

I just wanted to extend the invitation here for teams to join us for The Chairman’s Exchange (www.fusd1robotics.org/chex) on Thursday (tomorrow) during lunch.

It will be another great opportunity for teams to practice their presentations and collaborate before the official presentations on Friday.

Let me know if your team is interested by PMing me or just visiting us in the pits tomorrow morning!

2486 can’t wait for another awesome Arizona Regional!! :smiley:

Uploaded 3 parts of the archived webcast here if anyone needs it tonight:
Covers matches 13-59
They are fairly large files, so we will upload more polished video clips after the regional.

Here is the YouTube channel of today’s archived matches. We were able to upload very fast today and so were uploading as each match goes by. Will get it on the blue alliance sometime after the regional. Next year were definitely going to try and get the fish eyed view though.


I will share my videos after they upload (768kbps isn’t the fastest!)
However, they are only of our our team competing (and one of the Bit Buckets)

Congrats to all the team at the AZ regional! Our thread is kind of small here guys! Lets pump it up! I want to send special thanks for the Coconuts, 2486 for picking up for their final alliance and Plasma Robotics, 2403 for joining our alliance to win the AZ Regional!

Thank you to all the volunteers, mentors, coaches, teachers and judges! See you all next year! https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-ticyuEpc3qs/Uy8IkU4HCTI/AAAAAAAB8GA/xKIPx4UUP9A/s912/IMG_2240.JPG