2014 Autodesk PNW District Championship

Is it just me or is the video feed offline?

not just you, the video feed is offline. That said the USTREAM site appears to be back online right now so that’s better than it was a bit ago.

Two buzzer beaters in a row. If you aren’t watching the PNW eliminations, you are missing out!

There were quite a few cliff hanger matches that made them very exciting to watch. The overall level of competitiveness was certainly higher than anything we’ve seen in the PNW to date.

Does anyone have good scouting data on drivetrains from this event? I’m hoping to identify who had “non-traditional” drivetrains, ie something other than drop center AWD:

Swerve: 2471
Straight Mecanum:
Other: 1425 (kiwi? not sure exactly what theirs is)

Yes, I believe it’s 6-CIM Kiwi.

We have the full list from pit-scouting, I’ll get a student to post it here.