2014 Battle at the Border Webcast

Hey everyone!

The 2014 Battle at the Border webcast is now up at: http://www.twitch.tv/battleattheborder

If you have questions or comments we’ll be monitoring #SDBATB and the stream chat rooms!

I there are people watching the webcast who are interested in recording the match results and putting them on the Blue alliance feel free to upload this spreadsheet with team numbers and match results.

We are recording match results and will be able to provide them to the Blue Alliance.

Nice. :smiley:

Such an awesome event! FRC Team 4322 Clockwork Oranges really had a great time in SD. This event is extremely valuable as we had numerous new team members who experienced Battle at the Border and are now hooked on FRC. We really appreciate Team 1538 The Holy Cows and Team 2485 WARLords for making this possible.

Team 5012 also had a wonderful time at BATB. This is my 4th time attending the event and I have to say that it didn’t disappoint.

And here go my usual post-event thanks:

To our season bot(operating as 9012)'s eliminations alliance: 9399 Eagle Robotics B and 3647 Millennium Falcons. It was a fun run in quarterfinals. It’s always fun to work with friends!

To our summer rebuild robot(as 5012)'s eliminations alliance: 4322 Clockwork Oranges and 9476 Code Orange B. Awesome partners led to an awesome run into the semifinals. Behind the glass, our strategy ran smooth as butter and our scores showed that.

Host teams 1538 and 2485 as well as the volunteers. Going into the event, we knew that the rule changes(which were very well thought out!) were going to add an interesting dynamic to this game. The event ran perfectly! Kudos and thanks!

Hope to see most of you at the Inland Empire and Las Vegas regionals this spring!

I am looking for match results from the 2014 Battle at the Border.

We are hoping to include match scores in our match videos before we upload them to YouTube.

If anyone out there has the match results from this event, could you please share them with us?

There is even a spreadsheet where match information can be recorded.

2014cabb on Google Sheets


I will grab the official match results from the scoring computer sometime this weekend and post them by Monday along with alliance selection results and results from eliminations.

Thank you very much. I appreciate that!

Like I said before, we had a lot of fun at Battle at the Border. Everyone on FRC4322 is still talking about it and looking forward to checking out the match videos. The interesting rule modifications made for an exciting competition.

Thanks again to 1538 and 2485 for hosting a great event!

Here’s the link to the results spreadsheet:

Good Stuff. I’ve passed the data onto the people at the Blue Alliance. It should probably go online in about a week depending how quickly they get around to uploading it. I’ll reply to this thread when I see that it’s online.

This event was an interesting one to watch because of the 2 ball twist. It was probably a lot of fun for drivers to get more opportunities to handle the game pieces. I definitely allowed match scores to get high too. :slight_smile:

Thank you.