2014 Championship Chairman's Exchange

The Chairman’s Exchange is an opportunity for teams to present to one another in order to practice, collaborate, and receive feedback. For any general information about the Chairman’s Exchange (ChEx), go here (http://fusd1robotics.org/chex).

Presentation Slot: To accommodate the number of teams interested in presenting this year, we are only able to give each team a 10 minute time slot, similar to the actual presentation. We are asking each team to go here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QeO61NyfjlxdId0Ugr3bkQ6KsqdE1LDEEJRfEeaLbf8/edit?usp=sharing) to sign up for a slot. There are only 23 time slots, and this will be first come, first serve. In the case that we have more teams willing to present that exceed the 23 slots, we may extend the Exchange.

As of right now, we are asking that only RCA winners sign up for a presentation because of the limited spots. However, all teams are welcome to attend. We would love to have you there to provide feedback and ask questions, even if you aren’t presenting!

2014 Championship Chairman’s Exchange Schedule

Where: Meet in the Upper Level of the Convention Center With all the Round Tables Near the Chairman’s Presentation Rooms

Wednesday, April 23rd
4:00pm- Introduction by 2486
4:10pm- Group Picture
4:15pm to 7:25pm- Presentations

Thursday, April 24th
11:30am- Introduction by 2486
11:45am to 12:55pm- Presentations

Teams Currently Signed up to Present: 422, 2169, 2486, 3158, 3313, 3845
If your team is interested in presenting or watching, please email us at the.chairmans.exchange@gmail.com so we can get you the necessary information!!**

We have ten teams currently signed up to present!

2486, The CocoNuts
2169, KING TeC
422, Mech Tech Dragons
3313, Mechatronics
3158, TecBot
3847, Spectrum
2974, Walton Robotics
781, Kinetic Knights Robotics
2576, Chilean Heart
1305, Near North Student Robotics Initiative

Official Chairman’s Exchange Championship ChEx Schedule

Wednesday, April 23rd
4:00pm- Introduction by 2486
4:10pm- Group Picture/Poster Signing
4:15pm to 7:30pm- Presentations

4:15- 3211, The Y Team, from Yeruham, Israel
4:27- TBD
4:39- 3158, TecBot, from Toluca, Mexico
4:51- 3313, Mechatronics, from Alexandria, Minnesota
5:03- 1305, NNSRI, from North Bay, Ontario
5:15- 781, Kinetic Knights, from Kincardine, Ontario
5:27- TBD
5:39- 2576, Chilean Heart, from Santiago, RM, Chile
5:51- 2974, Walton Robotics, from Marietta, Georgia
6:03- 3847, Spectrum, from Houston, Texas
6:15- 422, Mech Tech Dragons, from Richmond, Virginia
6:27- 624, CRyptonite, from Katy, Texas
6:39- 2486, The CocoNuts, from Flagstaff, Arizona
6:51- 1986, Team Titanium, from Lee’s Summit, Missouri
7:03- 772, Sabre Bytes, from LaSalle, Ontario
7:15- TBD

All teams are welcome to come watch presentations!!