2014 Championship Conference

The abstracts for the conference presentations will be posted to the FIRST website soon. Please share with your teams if you will be in St. Louis.

I’ll repeat what I said last year, it would be great if all the conference sessions could be recorded and linked on usfirst.org

So many non-attending teams would benefit from all the information.

My understanding is they will be. I opted out because I will put on NEMO site.

Thanks. I was hoping to get to the NEMO meeting, but my volunteer assignment is going to keep me very busy.

There is an updated schedule and abstracts posted.


I am presenting on Thursday morning (back-fill for a cancelled presentation) on Continuous Improvement. The info and abstract is below and it is targeted to teams at all levels of “performance” and experience.

8:00—8:45 AM, Room 230
Continuous Improvement: How to Continue to Learn & Improve in the
FIRST Year | Chris Fultz, FRC Team 0234

Seeking “continuous improvement” doesn’t have to mean you did anything wrong. A focus on continuous improvement means you want to take your team performance and make it better. This could mean changing a design, changing behavior, learning a new skill or performing specialized testing to address a robotic myth. This presentation will cover how to identify areas for improvement, how to identify a capability gap, how to document your work and will end with some examples of small projects and larger projects based on “one factor at a time” methodology.

Do you have to register to attend the presentations or can you just show up?


FIRST Championship Conferences Registration

The FIRST Championship Conferences are free of charge and open to all. First access to seats will be given to individuals that have completed registration. Please note that completing registration greatly increases the likelihood that you will be able to enter the presentation you select. However, it does not guarantee that you will have a seat reserved. All seats will be open 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of a session. Please be sure to arrive on time!

Click here to access the FIRST Championship Conferences Registration.
Note: Registration is not available for the Chairman’s Chat panel discussion in the Ferrara Theater.

Are there any plans to record any of the conferences? I will not be in St. Louis this year and many of these sound very interesting.

Yes, some of the presentations will be recorded and available after the championships.

Currently do you know around when and on what website(s) we’ll be able to view the conference recordings?

The videos will be posted to WPI’s site after Championship. The link to the site will be posted on the FIRST Conferences page (http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/firstplace/workshops-and-conferences).

Hello everyone,
I just had a chance to finish our presentation for our sustainability workshop.
You wont be disappointed!!:slight_smile:

I just created a handout packet that has one of our $60k 2 year STEM grant actual writeup that we will be sharing and giving out to all that attend.

You can also win a cool Team 359 Gift basket, Team shirts (they cost us $25 each to make), and Macadamia Nut Chocolates. Each one has 18 pieces! We will be raffling those.


I promised attendees at the “Real-Time Software in FRC Robotics” session that I would post the presentation file on CD. Please don’t copy and distribute the file - just tell people where to find the link.

If you have any questions please PM me.


RealTimeSoftwareInFirstRobotics2014.pdf (3.03 MB)

RealTimeSoftwareInFirstRobotics2014.pdf (3.03 MB)

I have posted my session slides on the NEMO website, Resources page:
“Mentors - How to Hire 'Em, How to Fire 'Em” - http://www.firstnemo.org/PDF/mentors-how-to-hire-em-how-to-fire-em.pptx

My session on working with Corporate Volunteers on NEMO resources page. Double click box in upper right of each slide to see my commentary.


I’ve uploaded my presentation, entitled HOW TO FILM YOUR ROBOT, here: (clicky)](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/3029)

How To Film Your Robot focuses on creating a build vlog series that is marketed towards the non-STEM community.

I’ve also uploaded a 9-page paper covering a more technical approach to filmmaking. The tips and tricks in this paper should be useful to anyone interested in shooting video and lifting their abilities to the next level.

I would really like to share some of the conferences I got the chance to attend with some of the members of my team, does anyone know when the videos will be posted online or where they are if any of them have already been posted?