2014 Championship live thoughts & reactions

Unfortunately some of us are stuck unable to watch CMP this year. Everyone who is watching, keep us updated and let us know what you’re thinking!

Can someone explain to me how 27 has racked up 820 assist points so far? That’s incredibly far above the 2nd highest total for all of the divisions. Do they have a unique strategy?

27 adds an extra assist to each cycle by receiving the ball from a human player and immediately giving it back. It’s so successful that other teams have started emulating it.

The origin came from team 2851, Crevolution. Its not the same strategy, but that is where the original idea came from

It was used a bit at the MAR Championship, and I just watched it happen on Newton now. It certainly surprised me, these teams are definitely using their brains.

Team 16 is an extremely good finisher. Their auto is great, and their drivers are experts with the swerve drive, getting around defenders and scoring with ease. They are certainly one of the top teams and I’m sure we’ll see them late tomorrow afternoon.

There are plenty of strong teams on Newton, but their driving definitely puts them a step ahead of most teams. With many strong teams that will likely not seed in the top 8 tomorrow, 16 might not have an easy fight to make it out of divisions.

Even though matches are done for the day, the FMS data is not up to date on most divisions…

Archimedes: Match Results and Rankings display current as of Match 120.

Curie: The only division that is truly current, maybe the curse is spreading.

Galileo: Match results only current to 148, Rankings apparently say 150.

Newton Rankings: Matches and Rankings say current as of Match 144.


Doesn’t help that Archimedes has been showing 6-22 teams for at least half an hour either…

I saw 33 utilizing a killer strategy today, no pun intended. The ball never touched the ground, all 3 robots were stationary the majority of the time, and it was a 3-assist cycle every time.

33 would inbound, truss shot it to the HP, HP would inbound it to a bot, the bot would shoot it horizontally across the field to the other HP, that HP would inbound it to the third bot, who would finish the cycle with a high shot.

Very impressive to watch.

All divisions are updated through Match 150 except Galileo is still missing the scores from the last 2 matches


Thanks, glad to hear they are up to date now. I’m surprised it took so long.

Newton match results not posting this morning, Newton FMS not updating again.

Its something wrong with Spyder because the FIRST website is updating.

EDIT: Atleast it was earlier, now its back to match 150…

FIRST just tweeted about the issue: https://twitter.com/FRCTeams/status/460061446974758912

It was not, match results have not been updated all day for Newton. Even if Rankings say they are current (which is incorrect).

Well it has updated atleast once today because it shows us playing 10 matches.

The rankings on every division are more current than the match results (all rankings have been updated at least once today). I don’t think the rankings for any division are actually current though.

Couple of tidbits about the schedule:
3 HOF 365 (Galileo) & 103 (Archi) have the first and last (167) qual matches in thier division (which is a record of course since there have never been 167 quals before)
In Curie another HOF 359 is in the the last match
Perhaps this is a good omen for 1983 Skunkworks (last match in Newton). Good luck to our friends and hotel mates in joining the club.