2014 Chesapeake Regional

Jenny, I sent an email to a reliable source of volunteers at a local Lockheed site. Hopefully you get some assistance soon! If we get closer and still haven’t filled the need, please contact me so I can speak with management about volunteer incentives.

Thanks Jesse. We are in pretty good shape - just a few holes to be filled. Harder to get volunteers who can be there for all 3 days.

Lots of info here:


Lunch pre-orders due March 24. http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Robotics_Programs/FRC/Events/2014/2014_MDBA_Lunch.pdf

Though I do miss having the Chesapeake regional at the Naval Academy, as a UMD student I really can’t complain about the location this year.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! I’ll see if I can convince a couple of professors to drop by and watch a match or two.

We have a partnership this year with Dr. David Tomblin and the Science, Technology and Society College Park Scholars Program and are welcoming many former FIRSTers as well as other students as volunteers. You will see them in various roles at the event.

Encourage your visitors to sign up for FIRST Stop. We will tailor their visitor to exactly what they want to see. http://www.mdfirst.org/firststop.html and some of the Ambassadors are UMD students.

Excited to be a robot inspector this year!

Team leaders should look for more info about the team social on Friday night which includes dinner - a bargain at $5.

We’re going to have all of our students go to it but I’m not sure that it is for adults also. I’d hate to tell all of the mentors and parents to go only to find out that they’re the only people above 20 yrs of age there. :o We should have about 40 or so students plus adults. We’ll sign up by Tuesday.
Thanks for being so informative about this regional.

Team 1629 GaCo, is looking forward to returning to the Chesapeake regional. We cannot wait for the chance to compete against old friends and making new ones along the way! We hope everyone has safe travels next week, and good luck!

I think there will be quite a few people over the age of 20 there.

Reserve your tickets as soon as you can. We are limiting the number of people.

Welcome to the 160+ GREAT volunteers. That said, we still have a couple of spots for folks that can volunteer all 3 days -Thurs-Sat. We will have very few, if any, slots for walk ins. We are also looking for some more volunteers to help with the team social.

Welcome to all the alumni and to all the students from Univ. of MD who are helping.

Email went out to all teams on 3/23. Info about lunch pre-orders, team social, team showcase, Chesapeake chorus, student ambassadors, guest invites through FIRST Stop.

Heads up: We will be holding Chairman’s interviews on Thurs and Fri. More info will go out to teams.

So many people to thank and we haven’t even started. The team has been hard at work planning.

Website: http://www.mdfirst.org/programs/first-robotics-competition/chesapeake-regional.html

There is some very detailed parking and load in info here. We will be helping direct teams to quickly unload.

Info has gone out to all teams about the Team Social. We still have some pizzas left and some slots for the show-your-talent-show on Friday night so be sure to sign up. Only $5/pp - for students and mentors.

Info has gone out and you will receive more in the packets about these starting-on-Thursday events: Team Showcase, Chesapeake Chorus practice, Student Ambassador training, Chairman’s Interviews and NEMO meeting.

FIRST Stop is a great opportunity to introduce guests to the event and FIRST. We treat every guest like a VIP and tailor a tour to what they want to see. Register in advance or at the event.

Safe travels and see you on Thursday.

2363 is looking forward to making our first trip up to the Chesapeake Regional. We will see you all in a couple of days.

These updates are great! I really appreciate you and the RPC getting information out to teams early and often.

Is there a pit map available for the venue?

Still making adjustments.

Hey RoboMom, were you at the DC regional last week? One of the issues I had was the visibility of the match, particularly from the area in front of the field and screen. Will Chesapeake have similar problems?

The height of the wall is not nearly as high at UMD as at GMU, I don’t think it will be a major issue.

Oh that should be sweet. Will the video be piped into the overhead screens? Being able to see the matches and scores from anywhere in the arena will be great. Also will the field be near the really steep “wall” section or on the other side?

The last layout for Chesapeake I saw had the field at the endzone side, setup like it was at GMU.

The field is not on the super steep student section of seating but the opposite end. We don’t anticipate the view issues that DC had and will work to make sure the field is setup far enough back tomorrow.

Still working on possibly piping the field videos on the overhead screens but that’s not a definite yet. There is a cost involved…