2014 classmate image problems

We received the classmate in our rookie KOP and have had nothing but problems with it so far. The USB image was corrupt, so we downloaded the new one from the Classmate site .
Windows will not activate from either of these 2014 images (DEV or DRV). The typical “Windows of authenticity” number you get with any windows based PC was missing from the classmate box.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get windows to be activated for these classmates, or who I call to get our Certificate of authenticity?

We are looking for help so we can get our basis chassis to move in the first week while we also work on game/robot strategy.

We rebuilt the memory sticks in the Rookie Kits using the E12_DRV_2014_171213.

Follow the directions here to rebuild the memory stick…

Still waiting for information for solving the windows activation problem. We are getting error: 0xC004F074.
You can proceed with the setup and activate at a later time once a resolution is available.

OK, found a solution.

Go to the 2011 KOP website, download the Windows 7 Activation files, unzip it and run the application.

After this you can activate Windows.

Thanks to Mill from FRC4470 for saving our RQBS

FIRST is asking for teams with classmate imaging problems to post more details here: http://forums.usfirst.org/showthread.php?21216-Re-Image-Classmate-Rookie-teams

Thanks Joe, I’ll repost over there.

Thank You!
We had the same issue with the corrupt flash drive! Makes it so much of a pain!