2014 Crossroads Regional

Team list: https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=teamlist&event_type=FRC&sort_teams=number&year=2014&event=inth

Who’s excited about the event this year? From what I can tell, it promises to be one of the stronger and deepest early season competitions. I’m very much Looking Forward to competing there!

Crossroads is turning out to look like an amazing event this year. The team list is amazing. I can’t wait to go watch!

My bold prediction: because of the depth of this regional, we’ll see either a 7th or 8th seed win the whole thing. These 7 and 8 seed alliance, provided smart picks, will dominate eliminations with their strategic play, and complimentary bots.

I’m really excited to get to watch this event this year. It has a ton of great teams and we’ve already seen quite a few great robots revealed. I hope some of the suggestions after last year’s competition have been implemented. I know that Rose is super excited to host this event again so hopefully they listened.

It will be interesting to see how this comp will shake out. It seems like there is going to be quite a deep field here which will definitely reward excellent and dynamic team play over excellent robot play. I’m sure we will see some epic elimination play.

I really can’t wait!

FRC-3959 (Alabama) Is looking forward to hanging out with you guys this weekend … should be a great regional. :smiley:

5188 is definitely excited for their inaugural regional!

The 10 minute walk really cuts down on the travel costs though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad the webcast is working for practice matches. Will distract me from getting any work done today. :smiley:

Where did you find the webcast? I don’t see it on the blue alliance or watchfirstnow.




Is the streaming site down for anyone else?

Yeah it won’t load for me either. It’s just been loading for the past 20min.

Did anyone ever look into fixing the stream?

It’s been working for me all day, but I know other people haven’t been able to access it. I’ve also been told that the 3D live feed is pretty good. :wink:

The page just loads into a black screen.

hahaha, oh geez. So, in an attempt to figure out why it wasn’t working for others, I closed the page and tried to open it again, and now it won’t load at all. It was working beautifully before then. Now I feel your pain.::ouch::

Currently, match 60 is playing. My teams robot was just playing, 2 robots (including my team’s) died at the exact same time.

The referees are not calling out red team bots for slamming blue team bots. However, the referees call penalties on blue team bots for lightly pushing other bots.

This Crossroads seems unfair, and since when do FRC challenges allow battlebot type tactics?

We need to start tracking outbreaks of this on each thread like the CDC tracks epidemics. Ground zero for Crossroads is Q60. Will it turn into a full CIR pandemic?

After further diagnosis, one bot was disabled after the bumpers fell off, and ours tripped the breaker, which had not happened all day long.

See? It’s not all a conspiracy against your team. Also note that “slamming” another robot is not by itself illegal.