2014 - Dallas Regional

Dallas will be more competitive than usual this year :yikes:

**Contenders : **
148 , 359, 1477, 2415 , 2848 , 3310 , 3847, 3997, 4063

**Wild Cards: **
231, 457, 704 , 1860, 2587 , 2789, 3481, 3802

**Dark Horses: **
1817, 2158, 2950, 3005, 3735

Where are people staying ?
We had trouble booking at a couple places.

The venue is near the airport so there should no problems getting a hotel within a few miles. We are 35 miles from Irving - please PM if you need any help or advice from a local.

The field is one of the toughest of the season. 1296 will be there (and OK City) - we’ve picked 2nd to 4th many years in a row, hopefully we break through to #1 this year. One can dream anyways…

See you there!

FYI - there is a Fry’s nearby also!

You’ve jinxed it now! We only do well when people write us off :frowning:

It’ll be just like Texas Robot Roundup minus the Robonauts 118 and Cryptonite 624

Too bad they aren’t coming.

Should be a fun event!

**Team 359 loves FRY’S! and will spend an off-day all day there.

I can not wait to get Dallas regional, this year will be so much fun … :slight_smile:

Strange, once you live near one you don’t go nearly as often. Now I only go when we run out of purple zipties.

Dallas is going to be great this year, many of the best teams in Texas and some fresh faces from out of state as well.

In my opinion, Dallas should be one of the premier week 3 events to catch on the webcasts along with the Howell FIM District.

Last year the devastators and a few other team booked rooms together. If your intrested we can talk to our coach about that again.

We’re looking to redeem ourselves as Dallas was our one rookie event, and needless to say it didn’t go well. I like the idea of going in as a “wild card” lol

This should be a great regional. Can’t wait, but we’re focused on Alamo, first :wink:

Oh, and we do houses instead of hotels. Its cheaper, gives us the chance to cook some meals together, is easier for keeping tabs on the kids and bedtime, and it’s also easier for having team meetings.

Definitely excited to watch this one! Seems like Dallas, Alamo, and Lone Star are all stacked this year, also seems to work logistically for Texas teams looking to do 2 or 3 regionals.

Makes those pass down invitations handy

I enjoy going in a black horse sounds mysterious. I know as a student im looking forward too seeing all these great teams that I chat with on the chief delphi so often. I can’t wait!!!:smiley:

I’ll be there helping out inspecting, first regional for me down south.

Gee, Andrew… THANKS for the mention… I guess?


FRC Wilcards for Dallas

359 - Winner at Northern Lights
1817 - #1 seed and winner at Hub City
2158 - EI at Alamo
4063 - EI at Hub City

Anyone know what 1477’s bot looks like up close??

Thank to everyone who helped put on an awesome event at the Dallas Regional this weekend. The event staff and volunteer crew did a great job keeping everything moving quickly and operating smoothly. This was our first trip to the Irving Convention Center and it’s a great venue for an event.

Thank you to all the inspectors, referees, judges, field reset, practice field, safety glasses, safety advisors, score keeps, queuers, announcers, MCs, and the rest of the crew that worked so hard to put on a great event for all the teams.

Thank you to alliance partners 231 and 2950. High Voltage is one of the storied teams in the state and we work with them so often at events but this is the first time we have had the pleasure of being on their alliance. Thank you David and team for adding us to your alliance. We had a lot of fun on our way to the semifinals. Thank you to 2950 Devastators for being one of the best 2nd round picks we could ask for. You all knew your limitations and stated them plainly so we could draw up a functional match strategy. You never tried to do too much. Your program is growing much faster than even you know and you will be the ones doing the picking sooner rather than later.

Congratulations to Texas Torque 1477 on their extremely deserved Chairman’s Award win. You all have done so much to improve the STEM experience for students in your school district, in Houston, and around the state. Congratulations again.

This event didn’t have a clear favorite going in but once the first rounds of the quarter finals were played it was pretty clear that the one seeded alliance of 148, 359, & 457 was going to be hard to beat. They brought so much experience and firepower to the field and executed their strategy to keep getting wins. Congratulations go to all of them on a well fought win today.

Congratulations to the finalist alliance of 2158, 2848, & 3481. We played with all of you at some point in the weekend and I know how strong your teams are. Congratulations on getting to the finals and congratulations to 2848 for securing the wild card berth to the championship.

I also would also like to thank 4063 for just being ridiculously awesome. This was their 3rd event in 3 weeks and somehow they still had the energy to staff a majority of the field reset crew and help repair a huge number of teams at the event. They have won 4 GP Awards and an Engineering Inspiration Award in 3 short years. The amazing thing is they figure out how to do more at each event. The Texas FRC community can’t express our gratitude enough for what you do. The past three weeks of events wouldn’t have been the same without the bunnies from Del Rio.

1817, 3310, 1860, & 3005 all had awesome robots this weekend and made this one of the most competitive regionals I have ever attended.

Thanks to all the teams for making it another fun weekend. We’ll see a lot of you in a couple weeks at Lone Star.

Thank you for the kind words! we enjoyed defending and working with your team! Your team is also growing in ways unimaginable. It was great to get a chance to work with you. We hope you had as much fun as we did. I know we had our fun blocking out 2 teams at once in the quarterfinals.

My team did! LOL:ahh:

Great Regional today. My team members are very very young (mostly 9th/10th graders) and jumped in head first. Mr. Murphy was our best friend. Our robot just wasn’t competitive even though we could shoot, pick up and make points in auto. Oh well, I’m an MCSE and a teacher so a couple of mechanical engineer mentors and a place to do metal work instead of using “angle iron and marine grade plywood” will help us tons next year. I don’t have the mechanical engineering expertise to help my students very much. I can manage the project, the money/logistics, check and recommend changes to Labview and translate wiring to my team. When it comes to simple construction, I’m just a woodworker. My main goals next year are: get some real power tools other than a drill press and 1940s vintage bandsaw and LEARN ME SOME SOLIDWORKS so I can teach it to my team. Enough of the “Mark 2 Eyeball” construction process.

We came in 43rd today. Someone has to. We got smoked but did manage to help win in two games. (2-8-0) I’m not proud of the record but proud of what my students learned in the past three days. They learned to suck it up, troubleshoot and fix grievous errors and repair major damage after getting whacked at full speed in multple matches (very hard game on robots this year and ours was 89 lbs too).

Our philosophy in 3355 is to mentor, coach and facilitate. We work together on a solution and multiple options to work the problem. We (the mentors/coach) then step back and let the students crunch the problems. I saw a lot of this philosophy in action as we were next to 359, across the pits from 231, and down the pit row from 704. This is what consistent winning teams look like. I’m thinking I’m on the right road philosophically. I can manage the broken egos and hearts but $@#$@#$@#$@#…how do I engineer 261 points like we saw 148 and company put on the board today. I’d love to spend a week during the offseason with a successful team just to be a “fly on the wall” to get an up close and personal view of what is making these teams (and others) SO successful. If I can see it, I can then teach it to my team. Any thoughts on this?

Bottom line from a bottom feeder team…great experience…sucked to get smoked so badly…but my wife said it best…“20 OTHER teams didn’t make the elimination:p rounds either so close your piehole and quit whining. Just teach better and learn more. It will come through next season!!!” As usual…she was right!

Had a blast folks and YES…the Dallas Regional had some of the best teams I’ve seen in four years of managing FRC Team 3355-Summit Prep HS. Great day! Congrats to the winners…and remember…we’ll be back…fear the PURPLE VIPER!:stuck_out_tongue:

Steve Miller
Coach-Team 3355
Summit Prep HS

Hey Steve, I don’t know if you consider Spectrum successful or not but if you’re ever want to come to Houston, hang out, and see how we operate, we would love to have you. I’m also going to try really hard to bring back the Mentor Workshop I did in 2012 with Scott Rippetoe from Texas Torque.

Hopefully this screencap from our GoPro footage will show you what you are looking for.

I have plenty of freeze-frames to choose from, including the next second of full speed collision