2014 Driver Station software

So I am bringing back our 2014 robot back from the dead and working on another small project on the side with the CRio and I can not find the 2014 driver station. If anyone knows where I could find it, it would be appreciated.

I am not in front of a computer with a DS right now, but on the settings tab of the DS, you can switch protocols. Using the older protocol might work.

I too was looking at the 2014 OPTION. The driverstatation only had 50% connection with the crio. The crio was before my time. I don’t recall the error we had. Something like "robot controller and driverstatation not able to communicate "the indicator on the DS was 50% green

When using the 2016 DS with the cRIO, the half green/half red connection indicator means the robot is connected. It never is fully green when using the 2014 protocol.

Well, you can still download the FRC 2014 software using the following links: