2014 Game Hint

I found this and figured it must be a hint for next years game.

Water! Water!

Wow, I never thought about it that way. I always thought it was just a standard, not-at-all-interesting Next Year’s Game Hint Video.™ :cool:

Whoever fell for this, you should know better that the game hints generally come out in mid to late December.

Ha! I’m on mobile. Video is blocked due copyright. I am immune to your Rick Roll.



Just Kidding

Way to reuse last year’s game hint. :rolleyes:


oh man we’re gonna get started right now!

I refuse to accept this unless Dave Lavery supports it.

I’m in for it now, aren’t I?

I was going to say, it isn’t a game hint until a Dave Lavery CD comment with punctuation that can be interpreted as being a water game hint. Until then, all other hints (including “official” ones) should be taken with a grain of salt. :smiley:

(I kid)

I predict a Dave Lavery comment within the next two days.