2014 Game


I’m predicting that it could be a pickup and stack : Possible pick up stick and place in bins on different height for more points;Stacking and placing different shaped polygonal of base the higher the more point and if knock down the other team scores point.

No no no no no no FTC game…

I LIKE that idea!!

Curling and the endgame is stacking robots :smiley:

Overdrive on regolith with Hills

All i’m going to say is if I see one more shooting game, I am going to go crazy! This year was pushing it with 2 shooting games in a row, if I see a third… This means no baseballs, no volleyballs, no footballs, no balls! I even don’t want hockey!

Given that I really want Traffic Cones.

Stacking game with traffic cones?

I wonder how far in advance the GDC starts planning games… Anyone know the answer?

Last year at Champs they said that they started planing games 2 years in advance to insure they have enough time to get game pieces.

However, they also said because how well received Rebound Rumble was that they completely redid the 2013 game. So unless they are going to redo the 2014 game, they should be planing the 2015 game after Champs.

Last I heard, it was two games ahead, but the issues from 2012 may have thrown them off a bit…

That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard of that; where did you see it?

It was in one of the 2012 FRC Live Rebound Rumble videos. I can’t remember which one…

Found It! 6:00 in. Beware of the buzzing noise.

My guess is Football.

I’m guessing that next year’s game will be a hockey game. I’ve heard a lot of speculation on this and I think that it could be a viable option for FIRST. They could go back to using the regolith material too. Also, they could use this as teasing us with a water game because hockey is on frozen water. It’s sort of close but not quite.

The only sports FIRST hasn’t really done is some fashion is football and hockey. But hockey would probably require that they bring back the floor from Lunacy. Unless they want to get into badminton, I feel like it’ll be one of those. However, there is the chance they bring in a racing element like in 2008. But we all know how annoying that was to watch.

They’ve done baseball?

Triple Play. Or didn’t you realize that?

Just kidding. Triple Play was based on tic-tac-toe, though the clues pointed to triple plays and 3 and all that.

I would consider baseball to be a very dangerous game for spectators, drivers, and robots alike; if implemented at all there would be almost assuredly be some very strict controls on exit velocities and the like. And there would definitely be some changes to the game.

Oh, and when you say that the only sports FIRST hasn’t done in some fashion are football and hockey, you KNOW someone’s going to come out of the woodwork with:
–Track and Field (particularly the Field part–Overdrive covered most of the racing sports)
–Racquetball and Squash
–Swimming (had to say this one, because of the oldest joke in FRC)
–Biathalon (and other shooting sports)
–AMERICAN football (football was already done in 2010 :stuck_out_tongue: )
–I’m sure someone can name a few more here…

I can see a water game coming soon especially with new electronics not able to be damaged by water as easily like the talons, but I don’t see it being 2014. I’m guessing soccer again or some sort of stacking game.

I can also see there being a fourth alliance member very soon in the near future as more and more teams appear in the FIRST community.