2014 Greater Toronto East Regional

I have not found any thread for this regional yet.

Here is the Team list: GTR-E Teams

Here is the webcast: http://www.watchfirstnow.com/

Good luck at the competition!


Did anyone just see Q4? I think we have a new match high score of 420! 250 from teleop, 170 from fouls. Red alliance.

It flowed like the 290 pt match at Palmetto, but with 3 bots.

The webcast appears offline. bummer

Well, not on TBA for me.

Glad to hear it is working for some. Could be an issue for just me being behind firewalls and such.

For me the video link is on and off. Just saw parts of the 420 score, lots of fouls.

30 auto
220 tele
170 fouls

420 total… Wow

Is there any way to watch this on android without having to pay for the justin.tv app?

Twitch.tv (same original company) relatively recently made their streams able to stream from browser on mobile. Not sure if the justin.tv player has caught up yet.

Install a flash enabled browser (i suggest FlashFox)

All matches are available for re-viewing just minutes after ending.

Check http://www.watchfirstnow.com/archives frequently.

Thanks Adam, flashfox is working great.

Did anyone catch what produced the Red Alliance score in Match 4?

This is 404ing currently…

That was just good cycle times with all three robots and a truss toss. Which was the 250 points of the total. The 170 were fouls. It was a really exciting match!

Still not much effective defense going on.


The MAR event I was at last week was like Battle Bots. Those robots that could not shoot just beat the heck out of those who could. And NE will be even worse. I predict heavy damage to occur and the refs, even with an extra set of eyes, to have a hard time catching all the fouls.

Webcast Down?



Lunch break. Matches scheduled to resume at 1:04 per thebluealliance.