2014 Inland Empire Regional

Only a few more days until the 2nd Inland Empire Regional: Feb28 - Mar2

40 teams, 4 which are rookies will be there. Most are local teams but we will have visitors from Colorado and Arizona at the event.

Regional web site

Live streaming

IE Agenda

Grand Terrace High School
21810 Main St, Grand Terrace, CA 92313

1678 is thrilled to be coming down south for Inland Empire! This is the farthest we’ve travelled for a regional event, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet some new teams in So-Cal (and see some familiar faces as well).

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to webcast the event as well. We hope to archive, parse and post the video soon afterwards so the world can watch just how fast California hits the ground running week 1!

See everyone in a few short days!


Really excited to see all the teams at Inland Empire and we can’t wait to compete with and against all of you guys!:slight_smile:

Inland Empire was such a great event last year, so much fun. We were really looking forward to coming way out there again this year. Sadly since it was scheduled earlier this year, we are unable to make it. We normally setup out of state travel over the spring break if at all possible.

Good luck to everyone!


Will the practice matches tomorrow be webcast? Can’t wait for the first CA event to start!

Depends on when that fine team from Davis (aka Citrus Circuits) get their rig set up. I know it was not ready to go tonight, so at a minimum I would say no earlier than tomorrow afternoon.

The Inland Empire livestream is now up and running. Check it out at: citruscircuits.org/live

Live scores will not be active until qualifications start.

theres still no ranking game data on the FRC and TBA website. is someone on site in charge of that?

Qualification matches start today.
Here’s the match schedule. Teams play 13 qual matches - woo-hoo! :slight_smile:

The audio on the webcast got really funky.

Please fix the audio! :frowning:

Is it just me or is the lower-third display a match behind?

That match with 399 and the clockwork oranges, very good strategy for quick 31 point cycle:

-3 assists
-score in the low goal

This is how it is done!

Ken, the display is a match behind.

Team 1678 has fixed this issue, and we apologize for the lack of perfection.
Thank you for the feedback, it is very helpful, and we will continue to do our best to fix any issues

Any idea when we can expect videos on TBA?

I’m uploading to this playlist. These will be posted to TBA also.

Q15 was a pretty good example of 30 point assists.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in QF-1 Replay, 1678’s alliance held up a DEAD BALL card and the head ref simply refused to recognize it? How is that allowed?

It was absurd. The match announcer even called the dead ball card out, and it was a good 40 seconds before they were allowed to take the ball. They didn’t even have enough time left in the match to put the ball into play once they finally got it.

The dead ball card is not “please check our robot, and if you can’t bring us back give us a new ball”. The dead ball card is “Something is wrong with our robot, please give us a new ball NOW”. The rules are clear as to what happens if the ball comes back out later, that should not be a consideration when deciding to honor a dead ball card.

Unfortunately…the dead ball card delay does not seem to be an uncommon occurrence.

Why can’t they make a “dead ball button” that wires directly into the field, and simply automatically lights up the pedestal, and notifies the head ref with some sort of match sound. The dead ball condition is not one that requires referee judgement, I don’t get why the head ref even thought he should inspect the robot first.