2014 IRI - Final Results

Here are the final results and awards from the 2014 IRI. The whole weekend was awesome and the eliminations kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The area was full until the final match was complete.

  1. 254, 1114, 330, 2013 - Finalist
  2. 2056, 469, 1625, 4039 - Champions
  3. 118, 16, 67, 1241 - Semi-Finalist
  4. 1718, 2451, 27, 125 - Semi-Finalist
  5. 2175, 368, 1477, 233
  6. 51, 4488, 494, 234
  7. 359, 148, 910, 2337
  8. 624, 33, 447, 2481

68 Total Teams

Talent Show Winners - Lauren & Kayla - Team 1625
Mentor of the Year - Bob Bonczyk - Team 107
Volunteer of the Year - John Downey
FIRST Foundations - Michael Trapp

Scholarships - $7000 Total
(Louie Bertoncin (1730), Jeffrey Pflueger (2468), William Blaser III (359), Mariah Smith (1741)

Backpacks - 150 Collected (bringing the IRI total to 1115!)
Silent Auction - $7000 collected (bringing the IRI total to $41,000)
Scholarships - $7000 awarded (bringing the IRI total to $84,500)

SPECIAL THANKS to Team 1318 (Issaquah Robotics Society) for bringing all of the equipment and talent and supporting the webcast!

It was a very impressive event. The number of matches decided in the last 10 seconds was astounding, and frankly it changed my viewpoint of this game. Played correctly, it’s quite exciting to watch.

Perhaps my favorite part of the event was the early end each day. In the Michigan districts it’s not uncommon to go to bed after midnight each day. At IRI we actually had some time to kick back and relax.

We loved it!

All of us from Shockwave would like to thank you for hosting a great event. We all had an amazing time, and it was a real pleasure being invited. Well worth the trip for all of us.

I had a great time at IRI this year, I and the rest of team 2175 are extremly grateful for being invited. This event was truly fantastic, not a single boring match as played. If I remember correctly we had at least two matches decided by less than 10 points! Truly thrilling to be a part of this event.

Thanks to everyone who made this event such a success. The volenteers, the hosts, all of our fatastic mentors, sponsors, and of course the great teams!
We hope to be invited again next year!

Although I have been extremely busy with college preparation and summer courses to keep updated during IRI… I am glad to see 1625 take the champions slot. For whatever reason we seemed to be stuck with each other constantly through out the year this year… taking them out at WI, facing them on Archimedes, losing by 3 points to them in a match on Archimedes, seeing them at a nearby outreach event(only two teams), and recently some of our members attended a workshop run by 1625. They have been an extremely impressive team that I never really noticed prior (didn’t really notice many teams our first two years that were constant working at WI)

This was a great full end to my final season, even if 1625 isn’t my team. :rolleyes:

I just wanted to say thanks to the Indiana FIRST gang and all the volunteers who made this event run like clockwork. I had way too much fun announcing matches on Friday & Saturday given many matches came down to a final score near the end of the match.

Can someone post the info or provide a link showing the seeding order results from the quals for ALL 68 teams?


–Michael Blake

Here is a link to Adam Heard’s unofficial rankings spreadsheet. The assist points are definitely off but I believe the Qual points are correct. Also you can check out the Blue Alliance IRI page which is better for looking up single teams.

Yeah they are slightly off we wound up rank 12 not 13 I believe

The assist points up through match 70 are correct, but after that it’s a BS calc off of the teleop score (which is why all the teams have an assist score that isn’t a multiple of 10). It trended decently well, so it wasn’t a horrible approximation (especially since it only applied to 1/3 of the matches as shown). I think it got the first 6-7 of the top 8 correct.

I knew that voice was familiar! Great work Ryan, and to everyone involved who produced a high quality webcast

On behalf of TEAM 107 I would like to THANK everyone for taking the time to put on the IRI. We had a great time!