2014 Java and C++ Changes

The following document was recently published on screensteps: 2014 Software Changelog and Known Issues

Other then SmartDashboard 2.0, I didn’t see anything earth shattering. Lots of bug fixes based on open trackers.

Thanks Joe. That was helpful.

Bug fix #2 would have saved our robot from nearly driving off a table last year. Better late than never :slight_smile:

I’m amused/annoyed that my custom Counter class that implements PIDSource for the GetRate is probably no longer necessary. And that Counter and Encoder averaging are exposed now. Guess it only took two shooting games in a row to make the necessity of those features painfully obvious.

Next up, what features will we be missing for the arm/lifting based game we’ll probably be playing this year? Thankfully not an analog potentiometer class, at least.

Generally, filing bugs works better then telepathy. :slight_smile:

I will keep that in mind, good sir. It’s not something I’m used to since I’m the sole programmer for most projects I work on, so I’m almost exclusively on the receiving end of (rather informal) bug reports from our not-even-close-to-programmers end users.

I suppose I could set up a system and file bugs to myself, then triage them, ask myself for clarification, reply that my original report should have been clear enough… Though I think people would start looking at me funny.

C++ VxWorks types (UINT32, INT16, etc) were converted to more standard types (uint32_t, int16_t).

I am happy to see this.

We were beta testers again this year and ran into no issues.

The sense I got is that the software team (appropriately) focused more on the 2015 alpha testing, which was going on at the same time.

Anyone have a link for the new source?

EDIT: I got it, nevermind.