2014 java plugin problem

when my code compiles with the crio it always comes up with an error saying it needs the 2014 java plugin updates for frc. it said “Expected version FRC_2014_v52.zip; for Name but got FRC_2013_v47.zip;. Go to http://first.wpi.edu/FRC/frcjava.html to get latest software update
BUILD FAILED (total time: 10 seconds)” but when i went to the links provided and searched for the 2014 updates i couldnt find any and netbeans wasnt picking it up, so does anyone know how to download the 2014 frc java plugins

The error message is a bit misleading. You actually need to image your cRIO with 2014_v52. The 2014 Imaging Tool is installed with the DS: http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/3120/m/8559/l/89639-installing-the-2014-frc-ni-update-for-all-teams

Imaging instructions: http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/3120/m/8559/l/89727-imaging-your-crio

Just for the future, if anyone is trying to access an older robot and cant re-image the cRIO (as we had an issue with due to overzealous efforts to bolt things down) you can just go into build.xml and change it.

Normally if you see this error there will be a link to a build.xml:line number and it will take you there. Just modify the expected version to what it finds and it will run fine.

This trick only works for certain images. If the FPGA changed, then it won’t work. And of course, it isn’t competition legal.