2014 Lake Superior

Since I didnt find a thread about the Lake Superior Regional yet I thought I would start one up. Its looking like a great turn out and should be a fun competition. Here is a quick highlight video of our team today. We only made the filed once but found some problems that have been fixed. Cant wait to see what the next days will bring!
Hope you enjoy the video!:cool:

I love the song choice.
Good luck this weekend!

Thanks. With the robot being named Sonic The Hedge Bot it only makes sense yo use music from the sonic games.

Well here is our day 2 highlights. Damage pictures at the end of the video. :yikes:
How are thing going for everyone else?

It’s turning into a great regional, despite some issues for a few unfortunate teams. We had two major incidents yesterday.

One robot smoked their entire electrical board when a spike came loose and got crushed into some other components, back feeding current into the system where it shouldn’t go. It was the biggest cloud of smoke I’ve seen at one of these events!fortunately we didn’t need the fire extinguisher, although there’s a picture floating around of one of our fearless FTA’s running towards the robot with it. Last I heard, the robot was back up and running last night!

The second incident was an exploding pressure tank, on the field. We looked at the pieces, and it appears the failure was due to a combination of items - first, the tank was both damaged and compressed by mounting it with a hose clamp, and then it took a hit from another robot and blew. I really have to caution everyone not to stress these tanks with anything!

Was there a re-play of one of the quarterfinals matches between the #1 and #8 seeds or did Sypder jump the gun on me? It looked like #8 had upset #1 in 3 but then I flipped to the LS webcast and saw them playing again.

Our alliance (seed #1) brought up a field issue of the pedestal not lighting up the whole first quarter of the game, as a result we were able to replay the match

For anyone watching the data bits day 2 video, the data bits did in fact completely knock over 3054, and then proceed to pull them back up. What you saw was not video edited, it is what actually happened.

Also, this thread will not be complete until this video is added: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOd3mF1tvwk#t=186

The elimination matches were insane. Every single match was a nail-biter, and I stopped making predictions about who would win after both 1 and 2 seeds almost got knocked out in the quarterfinals. I was not thrilled about this game when it first came out, but after watching those matches, Aerial Assist has become one of my favorite games ever.

The double DECCer match was also fun, I think that the Lake Superior alliance could have won it if 3018 wouldn’t have had as much trouble scoring the ball. Even then though, the Northern Lights alliance was solid, so I’m not sure.

Does someone have video of the Double DECCer match?

Here is a link to a video of the Double DECCer Match.

Maybe it’s just this computer, but that video was so jumpy that I was getting headaches. Here is another one I found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uzbs7mwsrys

Note that 2052 broke their shooter in the semis, and never got it fixed. That alliance still managed to win Lake Superior though, but I don’t think that they ever quite reached their full potential (3018 broke once or twice earlier as well).

Yes we did indeed. On a different note this game is really great when it gets into the elims. Our team ended up seeded 46 with 3-7, trough out the qualifications our shooter just was not all that great. The game was a little hard to watch during all the qualifications, but this game make up for it in the elims. Its a very heavy hitting game on the field. Unfortunately we had our arm down after the start of atton and hit another robots radio out during the elims (sorry about that). If its one thing to take away from this game is to keep your radio out of harms way. Its very violent out there and our robot has some battle scares from all the matches, and may have left a few on other robots (again sorry for any damages). Ill be working on the day 3 edit soon so be on the look out. This game is great when both alliances are giving everything they got and just going at it. Being on the floor and hearing the crowd energy is on a whole new level with this game. Our alliance put up one great fight and didn’t give it up easily. Congrats to 3692 3018 and 2052 for putting up some great matches. Our teams has one more regional to go so lets hope to see you guys at the world champs.

Yes-- 3018 is looking at options for insuring our robot can remain in top form through so many rounds of ‘battle’. We’re unsure yet why the robot’s shot was underpowered for the final 2 shots of the double decker. My money is on a weak battery or twisted ‘halo’ (the hoop at the bottom that carries the ball).

The last shot we took looked like it came of veering left which gives credence to the bent halo idea. But I’m just a programming mentor-- the build kids I’m sure will be able to determine what really happened.

Match would have been much closer had we made that 2nd shot the first time and had been able to start another cycle, but it could have still been either alliance’s game.

This game is awfully fun to watch (and to play per our drive team), but it is violent and very hard on robots. Hopefully we can make some modifications to account for the game before Milwaukee.

Lake Superior regional was awesome. Looking forward to seeing some of the same teams in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is going to be very tough this year. About 15 teams between Lake Superior and Northern Lights were in elims and also are going to Milwaukee.

Yet another awesome event put on by Duluth! Thanks to all the volunteers who made these regionals possible.
Congrats to all the teams who attended. Building and maintaining your robot throughout the competition was no easy task.
All of the elimination matches were well fought battles. 3313, 706, 3883 - you were an awesome alliance and it couldn’t have been more exciting!
Thanks to 3018 and 3692. You adapted and never gave up.

Special congrats to:
Chairman’s - 1816
Engineering Inspiration - 1714
Rookie All Star - 5299

The Double DECCer battle was a blast. Thanks to 2175, 359, and 2502.

Another Double DECCer match video from behind the blue alliance driver station glass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFcNY6nVTCQ

yeah… the double decker was hard… but as one of the teams playing that match (3692, alliance partner with 3018), they were tough competitors and it was a good match all around.


We couldn’t have done it without you guys!!! That was the absolute amazing thing to me about our alliance, and part of why I think we won. None of our robots really carried or was the “super star” of the team, but rather the way all 3 of our robots (and teams) worked together was just spectacular. I haven’t seen the stats, but to me it seemed our QF,SF, and Final matches had to have some of the highest team assist points of the regional.

You guys were SOOO awesome to work with, and the fact you were both willing to listen to our teams idea about an alliance in the first place. I don’t know about 3018, but from what 2052 told me, 3692 wasn’t even really much of a consideration for an Alliance Partner until our guys pitched the idea to them, and 3018 happened to walk up and ask 2052 what their thoughts were on an alliance, and then all 3 started talking, and the magic just happened!

Team# 3692 SOO can’t wait to see you guys in Milwaukee… :slight_smile:

one thing I have to say though… our alliance’s belief in us and their willingness to go against the scouting data on a hunch (to be honest our numbers weren’t that great, we had some issues getting things dialed in and we were really performing very well until probably after lunch on Friday).

Again… thanks to all at the Regional, this was easily our most memorable one yet, and the whole team is SOOO excited for the championship!