2014 Lenape Seneca MAR District Thanks

Hi all - Just wanted to take a moment to send some thank around now that the Lenape-Seneca District has passed.

First, thank you to 4575 for picking us and to 709 for being a good alliance partner. I know our alliance gave it everything we had and should be proud of what we left out on the field. Congrats to 2590, 1640, and 223 on a job well done in quarter finals and beyond.

To 316, 3929, and 2559, it was a blast watching you play through elms. Congrats on the win!

Congrats to 2590 on the Chairman’s win. I always enjoy speaking with your mentors and coaches at tournaments and learning about things you do which are always great! Keep the good energy going and best of luck at MAR Champs.

To 1647, job well done hosting this year’s event. We are extremely lucky to be in a school District who supports our teams and this event. Thank you for what you do!

2729 hopes to see everyone at MAR champs in a few weeks. Rest up, it will be a blast!


On behalf of 3929, I would like to thank/congratulate a few teams.

2729, 1647- Thanks for hosting such an amazing event! It was so much fun and the whole thing was flawless.

225, 2495, 321- You guys were impressive opponents in the quarterfinals! As a “sister” team of both 321 and 2495, we are so proud of the impressive bots you’ve put together this year. And 2495, congrats on Quality Award. You guys deserve it. 225, you were as awesome as ever and your whole alliance really gave us a run for our money.

2590, 1640, 223- Those finals matches were intense. We couldn’t have asked for better opponents! Not only were your robots great, but your teams remained GP throughout it all.

And lastly 316 & 2559- You guys were the BEST alliance partners ever. 316, your truss shots were always spot on (especially that catch :slight_smile: ) and your auton was super consistent. 2559, you guys proved to be a defensive force throughout the elims, shutting down all the offensive powerhouses and making it feasible for us to win!

And thanks to all the other teams at Lenape for an all-around great time!

As a member of Team 708, we would like to thank everyone for their part in such a great competition. We had a great time and hope that everyone else did as well.

A special thank you to everyone on team 1647 for hosting the an amazing competition. It was great to be able to compete on your turf for a change. Also, thank you to all of the judges and volunteers this weekend.

816, 2180 - It was amazing being able to work with both of you throughout quarter finals and into semi finals. It was a tough fight but we made it through and we tried our hardest so thank you for selecting us to be a part of your alliance.

Congratulations to 316, 3929, and 2559 on the win. All three of you were amazing teams and deserved the win.

Finally, congratulations to all of the teams that attended Lenape this weekend. It was a lot of fun and everyone did an amazing job. It is always a lot of fun being around all of you.

Good luck to everyone as they move on to their next competition whether it be Bridgewater or MAR Champs at Lehigh.

I would like to thank 3929 and 2559 for being AWESOME alliance partners. We couldn’t have gotten as far as we did without you. 3929, your shots were always clutch, we couldn’t have asked for a better job getting to the goal and putting it in. 2559, you guys did great keeping the opponents out of our faces and shutting down the opposing powerhouses. 2590, 223, and 1640- thanks for giving us a great fight. I was on the edge of my seat. Thank you to 1647 for hosting and thank you to all of the teams, for making Lenape a great event!

Can’t explain how proud I am to have been a part of both 3929 and 2495 in the past. Both teams were fantastic, it is unfortunate you had to face off in the quarters.

Congrats to 3929’s alliance for that win, and that super clutch truss + catch in the final match!

Thank you 3929 and 316 for picking us to be on your alliance. It was awesome working with you guys and we hope to see you soon at the MAR regional. It was a really great and strong competition and our team had a lot of fun in it. Thanks!