2014 Los Angeles Regional

66 teams.
8 rookies.

With such a large number of teams looks like we’ll only get a few qualification matches. Better make them count!

Wow, last year weren’t there only about 30 teams?
Either way, can’t wait, first day of the regional is my birthday :smiley:

I think there were 65 teams last year. Our robot did not function as planned… to put it mildly, so it was a rough weekend. This year we’re fully operational and eager to get at it.

Same, haha, last year we hung on the 10 point bar, that’s it. This year we have a working intake and shooter!

This regional filled up really fast.

We tried to make this our second regional but were told we that they were trying to keep this a CA only regional… :frowning:

After a few weeks on the wait list we gave up.

I really enjoyed out time out there last season and we will try again for next year.

Good luck to all of you this season…


Don’t worry, you’re attending a better California regional this year. :wink:

Sadly that is not us.

We were unable to get into a second regional this year. Wait listed for more than I care to mention but getting none.

On top of that our media team failed to make any of the essay deadlines… Even with constant reminding… :mad:

With our shipping delays and other disastrous issues, warped frame when last welds added, we are happy that we will be able to attend the Hawaii regional.

We had so much fun in California last season and will be working hard to return next season. Our college trips were really inspiring to the students, most who never think of leaving the state.

Have a great season and we hope to see you next year!


i think the lowest count ive seen for LA is 58 teams. always managed to get 7-9 matches. chances are were only getting 7 this year.

4501 is excited to be there!

Sorry to hear it. I guess FIRST in California is still growing fast, possibly even a bit too fast for FIRST to handle.

Your team isn’t the only victim of crowding; 589, 597, and 599 (all of whom have attended the Los Angeles regional since it was called the Southern California regional) aren’t competing here this year either.

Regardless, it’s bound to be a good event, and I at the very least will be waiting to see 3880 down here again.

You nailed it on the head, while Michigan might be on the district system, they only have 30 more teams then California, yet about twice as many events as we have regionals!

Sad to see 599 (and 589 + 597) wont be there as we were on are their alliance last year, plus they are just a great bunch of people! I love the lab coats.

It should be a great event regardless, 3512 will see you there!

This longtime attendee/competitor at L.A. can’t wait for district events…

I’ve made every L.A. Regional since 2001, except for 2010-2012. (All misses due to being in college and L.A. NOT being on my spring break, or me having other plans during spring break.) This includes the first round at L.A. Sports Arena, the trip to the Forum for a couple years, the return to the Sports Arena for a couple years until the water tank episode, and the first year at Long Beach Sports Arena watching everyone cope with the massive quantities of pit space.

Oh, and I’ll be there, either with 1197 or in a crew shirt.

Sorry to hear that the Tiki Techs will not be joining us in LA again this year. It was great having the three Hawaiian teams last year (Aloha Blue Thunder).

Lots of rookie teams again this year in LA, let’s be sure to reach out to them (I know we all remember what that rookie season was like).

What are we going to do without 599?!? Who will run Robot First Aid?!?

Really looking forward to reuniting Team Brick (#FallClassic) and seeing our good friends from 974 and 3408 on the field. Best of luck to everyone attending LA. If you need anything now or at comp, please let us know. See you on the field!

Well I know 2637 is pumped to go. If I’m not mistaken ed we may be one of the closest teams so it’s a guarantee that you’ll see us :stuck_out_tongue:

I for one can’twait to see all my favorite teams Iin LA :slight_smile:

Looking forward to inspecting 66 teams. 8 rookies… hmmm, looks like it is time to buy some bumper material.

Last year I recall there were 65 teams but almost twice as many rookies. I am aware that new LA-area teams did not register in time for LA and as a result ended up in San Diego or Inland Empire.
Anyway, looking forward to a great Regional!
Now time to get some sleep because I know I won’t be getting any more until Saturday evening…

Good Morning and good luck! from FRC 4501 the HUMANS ! Beware THE TRUSSPASSER!

Good Luck to all the teams competing at the Los Angeles Regional. Always ends up as my favorite regional. Just love it here in Long Beach! Have fun everyone! And go Rookies!!!

Team 696 is uploading every match to our 2014 Long Beach Regional Youtube Playlist within about 2 matches after it plays.

Sure would be nice to have some audio on webcast…

Audio works for me on the #2 stream on The Blue Alliance.