2014 MAR Season

As I did last year - I made a spreadsheet showing what District/Regional events MAR teams are attending.

I’ll probably be making the district standings spreadsheet again once we enter competition season.

We already have 72 of the 109 teams from 2013 registered, and two new rookies. 265 seems to be a 223 spinoff, and team 4954 from DE (50% growth in DE this year!).

265 is a 223 spinoff, and is for “training/new member” purposes in a similar vein as 11/193

4-H partnered Palindrome Robotics, Team 4954 based out of Middletown, Delaware. We are hyped to be competing in the Mid-Atlantic Region and also possibly the Palmetto Regional. Cant wait until the 2014 FRC game is announced :slight_smile: Hope to see all of the other teams out there at competitions.

Thank you for posting this Scott.

This season is looking to be another good one already with how teams are registering for events. Hatboro and Mount Olive, both week 1 events, are already looking pretty stacked. I like having two events right off the start this year.

I’m interested to know which teams are planning on attending a regional event outside of MAR this year, with the new rules for registration.

Our team is thinking about it. Positive. We would get another chance at qualifying for worlds and more real game driver experience. Downside is the registration cost and the travel cost to students. This would happen between districts and divert the team from ironing out robot problems. I’m currently thinking we do not need the load of another competition. Some on our team disagree. We need to make a decision soon and find the money. We did discuss the effect of not having a stop build and this. It would free up money we spend on a 2nd robot and allow continuous work on the prime robot. A second robot does suck up allot of resources but is needed to be competitive.

We are thinking about NY City, but realize that our chances are slim.

We’re staying away from Week 6 to avoid a quick turnaround going into MAR champs like last year (assuming we qualify for MAR champs). HSPA testing also knocks out Week 2 for us, so our event window is small. The late registration rules has put us in a very tough spot. But for now we have our fingers crossed that our “short list” doesn’t completely fill up

You and I will be battling to click the fastest if there are spots open…
I sincerely doubt there will be. The clicking gods helped us last year. :slight_smile:

3314 wants to go somewhere…I guess we will decide after 2nd registration happens and we see what is left over…if anywhere is even possible.

OK, maybe we’ll try to get into Clifton instead :rolleyes:
I heard there’s something going on there, led by some crazy lady…:stuck_out_tongue:

District 2 sign ups are coming in just a little more than a day. Excited to find out who is going where this year.

As of now:

93 returning veteran teams (16 teams MIA from 2013)
2 new rookie teams (counting the 223 spinoff)

Hatboro 25
Mount Olive 28
Springside Chestnut Hill 11
Clifton 5
Lenape 12
Bridgewater 14

Looks like Hatboro and Mount Olive are a good bet to hit initial capacity on Thursday. Caps are low compared to historical capacity, I would expect those numbers to budge up by 3-6 teams. Quite a few teams still missing at this point in the game, not sure how it compares to last year.

Team 5080 (Another team from DE) is now signed up for Bridgewater, bringing the total rookies up to 3 (counting 265). Also, team 3637 signed up for MO earlier today

Team 5080, the Robotic Alchemy Manipulators, are based in Dickinson High School in Wilmington. They have participated in FTC in the past and are expanding to include FRC this year. MOE is very excited to be working with them!

3929 is excited to be returning to Chestnut Hill and equally excited to go to Lenape for the first time (why did Mt. Olive have to be week 1 :frowning: ?).

On the bright side, we’re excited to play with you guys at Chestnut Hill :smiley:

Registration is going to be trickier to track from here on out - 5 out of the 6 district events have now hit their initial capacity limits. We currently have 103 registered teams (98/109 returning from '13, 5 rookies). 9 teams have yet to register for their 2nd district, and 11 teams are currently “missing” from the '13 season.

HH 35/35
MO 35/35
SCH 31/31
CLI 23/35
LEN 36/35
BR 37/37

Depending on additional rookies (we had 12 total in '13), we should see district event sizes closer to '12 numbers (~40/event). I wouldn’t expect many 3rd district slots to be available. My guess would be that 5 slots are being held back from each event, giving SCH and 36 team cap, BR a 42 team cap, and the rest 40.

Registration has been sitting flat for the last week or so. Looks like 6 rookies are sitting in the system waiting to be assigned numbers/register, so we might have a few more yet. We’re at 108 teams currently, which is down from the 109 we had play last year. 2 teams are only listed for 1 district event, likely by choice as the waitlist cleared recently.

HH 38
MO 38
SCH 32
CLI 27
LEN 40
BR 39

Clifton looks like the only possibility for 3rd event registration, hopefully that fills to a more reasonable number to keep some competitive balance. Might be tough fitting new rookies into their preferred event locations without some teams shifting into SCH/CLI events.

We’re missing 8 teams who played in 2013:

1367 Newark, NJ USA
1617 Newark, NJ USA
1881 Paterson, NJ USA
2229 Plymouth Meeting, PA USA
3123 Pottstown, PA USA
4128 Holmdel, NJ USA
4373 Jenkintown, PA USA
4573 South River, NJ USA

Expect the cutoff for MAR CMP to be higher this year (somewhere in the mid to high 50’s), the new points system should be about a 10% bump (more points for awards, rookie bonus, and elimination points).

Registration closed today:

111 Registered Teams (70 NJ, 37 PA, 4 DE) (up 2 from 2013)
6 True Rookie Teams
1 Rookie “JV” Team (265)
1 Returning Team (1790 - looks like 1881)
6 “Lost” Teams (1367, 1881, 3123, 2229, 4128, 1617)

All teams except for 1790 are doing 2 district events. 4 teams going to outside regionals (drop from 12 in 2012).

Hatboro - 39
Mount Olive - 38
Springside - 34
Clifton - 29
Lenape - 40
Bridgewater - 41

To expand on 1790-their team name is literally, “Team 1881”. And how exactly are they being identified as a returning team, as opposed to “new” team? Their FIRST info page has no history or information.

Also hopefully some teams will get a 3rd district at Clifton, or maybe some more rookies (I’ve heard of one possible rookie that’s within ~1 hour of Clifton)