2014 MAR Season

For what it’s worth, I think a bit park of the lack of outside travel is due to the late registration opening this year. I wouldn’t be surprised of a handful of regular travelers are either on wait lists, like us, or decided to for go traveling this year due to the limited selection. (It also doesn’t help that there are fewer travel events with NE going to districts and fewer spots at both DC and Chesapeake.

I looked into this since it seemed interesting, and there wasn’t anything that said conclusively that 1790 was ‘returning veteran’ although their rookie year of 2006 would match up with them being an offshoot/continuation of 1881. I dug into their high school and found that their program moved from one school to another in 2012(ish) so it’s very likely that the new number may be a by product of this since similar things have happened before elsewhere.

Also, I didn’t see anything that conclusively identified 1790 as being a returning veteran either, but I’d imagine that Scott saw the data and ID-ed them in the same way that 265 is (obviously) the JV team of 265.

Worth noting that Teams 56 and 225 are both registered for the Greater DC Regional.

Some more MAR teams have gotten off the wait list at regionals recently it looks like:

-Team 204 : SBPLI Long Island (5)
-Team 303 : Buckeye (4)
-Team 1218 : Greater Pittsburgh (5)

This brings the total number of MAR teams attending regionals up to 10
(11, 56, 204, 225, 303, 341, 555, 1218, 2016, 2234)