2014 MAR Standings

Here’s the current 2014 MAR standings. Let me know if you spot anything incorrect.


Went through the doc really quickly and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

I was really surprised to see how ‘age bonus’ points work out… There are some teams that have played at one event, and are ranked behind a 1st year rookie team that hasn’t played at all. That’ll make things interesting.

Saw that too. But the age bonus points are only applied once per season, correct?


Also worth considering the 8 point bonus for winning RAS and the 5 point bonus for Rookie Inspiration. There are 5 rookie teams in MAR this season. Team 5113 is guaranteed to win RAS at Lenape, since they are the only rookie team attending. Not sure if they’ll get Rookie Inspiration also. The 4 other rookie teams will divide the remaining 3 RAS and Rookie Inspiration awards (SCH, BR, CLI). No rookies attended MO.

So the rookie impact is much stronger in MAR than in other regions due to our low count.

All told, it’ll be 10 points for everyone plus their share of the 52 points from rookie awards, so in effect it’s more like a 20 point rookie bonus.

Team 5113 has essentially already qualified for MAR champs with their guaranteed haul of 52 points - they’re a great little inbound bot and were great to work with in our match at Horsham.

Yay, we are last! :stuck_out_tongue:

But, they can’t. You can only get Chairman’s, EI, and RAS once per district system, and they won it already at Hatboro.

Based on my quick analysis of the 5 rookies and the events they’re competing at, it seems like only 3 or 4 of the teams will be possible to win it logistically at the districts depending on who wins it where, meaning either 2 or 1 won’t qualify to compete for it at Lehigh.

I believe Scott is correct unless the supplemental rules state otherwise. Events with one rookie traditionally give only the RAS award out so 5113 should be lined up to win that award at Lenape…spoiler alert!

I’m glad to see 5113’s success. I’ve been working with them since last spring and they’ve done a lot of work to ensure a successful rookie season.


As per the new District Standard Points Ranking System, “District Teams will only be able to win FRC’s most prestigious awards – Chairman’s Award, Engineering Inspiration Award, and Rookie All Star Award – once per season at the District level. This supports the broader distribution of those awards.”

Thanks for the clarification!

Your rankings match what I calculated here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1353419#post1353419

Just as a FYI for those curious,

The MAR rankings have been posted on the MAR website.

There is also a blog post outlining the number or District Championship slots, 55, and the number of MAR slots at St. Louis, 18.

The winning alliance members at the MAR CMP are guaranteed slots to the FIRST CMP, like last year. PNW and NE do not guarantee the winning alliance members FIRST CMP slots. Don’t know about FiM for this year. Last year the FiM champs were awarded slots automatically.

For 2014 MAR has 5 Rookie teams, 9 2nd year teams, and 9 3rd year teams.

Team Distribution for the MAR events:

40	38	15	14	3	0	1st event
0	0	19	19	35	37	2nd event
0	0	0	0	2	8	3rd event

In 2013 the last team to be invited to the MAR CMP, after declines, was ranked 69th with 39 ranking points and after the MAR CMP the last team invited to the FIRST CMP by ranking was ranked 12th with 182 ranking points (the 1st ranked team had 337 points).

But remember, more teams will qualify based on points this year from MAR Champs to World Champs. In fact, it’s double the previous amount.

Double the 2012 amount, not the 2013 amount. Also, worth considering that we will now lose slots for outside regional qualifications. 11 and 2016 would have pulled slots last year, and 2590 and possibly 341 would have pulled slots in 2012. Based on the teams travelling in 2014, I wouldn’t expect that trend to end. We’ll know by week 5, with only 2234 competing week 6.

2012: 12 Slots
3 Winners
2 CA
1 EI
5 Points

2013: 14 Slots
3 Winners
2 CA
2 EI
6 Points

2014: 18 Slots
3 Winners
2 CA
2 EI
10 Points

Thanks, I forgot that our increased World Champs allotment allowed an additional team attend via points last year.

Just noticed 2607 is registered for the Virginia regional. That brings the total number of MAR regional teams up to eleven

1626 from Metuchen will be competing for the first time this season this weekend at Clifton. We are looking to have an after school “out-of-bag” experience with a fairly local team with a full practice field so we can try to dial in our shooter and practice assists with another robot.We saved about two hours.

So theoretically it is possible that, say, 6 of those 11 teams could win their other regional they are attending and MAR would be left with only 4 teams getting World spots off of points?

Yes, any method of qualifying would remove a slot (Win, CA, EI, RAS).

Scott, I have a question. Let’s say fictitious MAR team 000 wins the (now) fictitious Brazil Regional, and qualifies for World Champs. However, they don’t win on the field at MAR Champs, nor Chairman’s, EI, RAS, nor are in the next top 10 ranked. Since they only qualified for World Champs outside of MAR, does MAR still lose a slot allotted for World Champs?