2014 Newton Division

Thanks guys, good to hear!

Why is Newton’s webcast getting Curie’s audio feed?

If you want Netwon’s audio, just listen to the Galileo feed. :stuck_out_tongue:

And watch Curie for Galileo’s audio. Sounds like it’s pretty exciting

Does anyone have the final rankings/results up to match 150? the FIRST website only shows up to match 144.

I wish!

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Can anyone fill us in on what happened in Q98 when 1114/610 only scored 63 points and gave 1114 their only loss so far?

I think that was the match 610 was either dead or disabled.

1114 was put into goalie zone and 610 was suppose to do a two ball autonomous then 610 died on the field before they did the autonomous. The ball inside of 610 was called a dead ball but the ball they were just touching 1114 had to score. With only two robots actively working it was hard to do anything. 997 and 1114 was trying their hardest to stay in the game, but could not. This goes to show that in aerial assist every robot needs to be contributing.

We’d like to thank all of the people who made this event so much fun, 3260 had a great time in Newton and got to play with some amazing teams.

We enjoyed our time in Newton. We are looking forward to next year :slight_smile: Does anyone have any videos of the following matches in Newton?
Please private message us if you find any recordings of these matches. We would like to watch some of our matches again.

Match #31: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfLhh4E_Ktc

We’ll be getting up every qualification match from Friday and Saturday soon, we lost an SD card that had a chunk of the Thursday matches so sadly we won’t have those. We also don’t have any of the elimination matches.

Ok thank you guys :slight_smile:

Team Titanium (FRC 1986) wanted to express our gratitude to all of the staff and volunteers on the Newton division. We had a fantastic time playing with and against some of the greatest teams in the world. Aerial Assist took on a whole new kind of beauty with the caliber of teams there.

Special thanks to our alliance partners. 368, Team Kika Mana, 1806, S.W.A.T. and 3928, Team Neutrino for joining us on our run to the semi-finals. Our scouts thought each of you was a steal when we drafted you, and even more impressed with your performance on the field. Not many alliances can lose their captain (aluminum gear failure in the drive train, more diagnosis to come later) and still give the 1678, 1114, 1640 alliance a loss.

Speaking of that gear failure. Big thanks to all of the teams who searched their pits for a spare gear. That 70 tooth 1/2 inch hex bore was a bit tough to come by. We were swimming in close options due to the outpouring of help. FIRST is an amazing program when your opponents, and competing teams from other divisions divert resources during their own push for the championship to help you out.

Congratulations to 1678, 1114 and 1640 (and 5136) for winning the division and creating the most epic set of Einstein final matches I’ve ever witnessed. I smile every time I think about the greatness we saw there.

On behalf of team 1678, I would like to echo the comments of team 1986. It was an honour to play among some of the greats of FIRST and also with some very talented rookies.

A big thank you to our alliance partners 1114, 1640 and 5136. It was an exciting ride all the way to the finals on Einstein. On the way, we faced some stiff opposition, especially from the oustanding 4th seed alliance of 1986, 368, 1806 and 3928. I have to say it was a lot more fun playing with 368 at SVR than against you on Newton.

A special thank you to our long-time friends 971 who have done so much to help us get to where we are today. You picked a great alliance partner in our other good friends 1983 and provided a worthy opponent in the finals.

Finally, a big shout out to team 5310. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for working with us and helping us on the way to the number one seed on Newton. I’m hoping this is just the beginning of a lasting friendship.

I took particular note of 971’s scouting in Newton. Sitting with 1114’s scouts during the draft we were impressed with the alliance they assembled (stealing our picks!) and knew they would be particularly dangerous. A mentor from Skunkworks said that the alliance had gotten 1983’s top choices in each category. 971 proved the worth of its choices by reaching the finals from the #6 spot.

After we allied at Sacramento, we adopted several key elements of 971’s scouting and draft method, and these were key to our success at Newton and Einstein. 971’s system is the best student-led that I’ve encountered so far. Congrats to your success!

1640 is completely blown away and honored to have represented Newton on Einstein two years in a row now. Thank you so, so much to 1678 and 1114 for inviting us into your alliance. I mean this more significantly than just in alliance selection; you guys are great together and we’re honored to have worked with you. Just experiencing your professional teamwork up close was a fantastically educational experience for all of us. And of course, thank you to 5136 for joining us. As I told your coach when the confetti fell, we’ve all experienced first hand how motivating the Einstein Rush is. You guys are going to be amazing! I know we won’t be the only ones keeping an eye on you in the future.

Also congratulations to SWAT, Kika Mana, Neutrino and Titanium for rubbering us in the semifinals. After facing 1986 last year and working with 1806 and 386 (plus being trounced by 3928) in quals, we knew were in for a rough run. You guys are one heck of an alliance! Same to Coyotes, Nuts, Big Bang, Laser Spartan, Daisy and Skunkworks–it’s an honor just to play against the legends.

But mostly, thank you to all the alliances on Newton for making my last run with 1640 so incredible, exciting, awe inspiring and not a little terrifying. You guys are great.

Has it been a week already? Seems like it was just yesterday.

Anyhow, we’d like to express our mahalo to our alliance captain 1986 for picking us. You’ve always been a team we’ve admired from afar and it was great getting to play alongside you. It was also a blast playing with our partners 1806 and 3928. We had a great run and we’re so glad everyone on our alliance got to make it onto the field for eliminations.

Congratulations to 1678, 1114, 1640, and 5136 for making it as Einstein Finalists. Of course, we were hoping you would win so that we could say we were eliminated by the Championship winners! Special shout out to 1640 for representing the swerve community out on Einstein :D. Great job also to our friends 1678 for coming out on top in Newton and showing folks that last year wasn’t just a fluke - that you’re a force to be reckoned with!

After getting all the videos set up and data for each match ready, just about all (sorry for missing a match or two) the Newton matches are going up on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk2gATc1wI5r53tGcoZff0iXyF1xgxRMu

Due to some SD card space issues, a bunch of the Thursday matches are up to 720p only, but the rest are up to 1080p. Filming from the nosebleeds seems to have removed a lot of the audience members and field personnel walking by that you see obscuring some other videos.


We loved working with you at SVR this year! We almost got 254 there as well. Please contact us if you’re coming back to SVR this year, and we’ll figure out what support we can provide you for your trip (even if we don’t end up at SVR next year.)