2014 North Bay Regional

Looking forward to be part of the inaugural North Bay regional this weekend.

Check out their nice web site for details. http://northbayfrcregional.ca


For future me, and others! :slight_smile:

List of FIRST Teams | Agenda (PDF)


Quals Schedule and Results | Standings

Let the games begin!

Team 4476 is also looking to the inaugural North Bay Regional.

We can’t wait to get up there!!!

Team 2386 is excited to attend along with the rest of our Halton District School Board Robotics Community!..

Looking forward to this event.

We’ve got 7 teams in attendance with the ability to create a wildcard.

610-GTRW Winners
1305-Waterloo EI
1310-GTRW Winners/GTRW EI
1334-Waterloo Chairman’s Award
4476-GTRE Winners
5076-GTRW Winners

The Halton crew are all coming to this event. This will be the first time ever that we have all traveled together.

1334, 2200, 2386, 3571, 4902, 4976 and 4992 will be arriving in North Bay Wednesday evening.

See you all there!

So this should make things interesting: http://www.baytoday.ca/content/news/details.asp?c=59956

As of 5:00 AM EDT Wednesday, , Environment Canada continued a special weather advisory for North Bay - Powassan - Mattawa and West Nipissing - French River.

Snow expected, beginning this evening in Northwestern Ontario and spreading toward Northeastern Ontario by Thursday morning.

A developing weather system will track towards Ontario on Thursday. Snow associated with this system will spread into the southern parts of Northwestern Ontario this evening, then spread eastward through the night into the southern parts of Northeastern Ontario.

At this time it appears that parts of Northwestern Ontario - roughly along and south of a line from about Atikokan to Marathon - could receive between 10 and 15 cm of snowfall in total, most of it falling tonight and Thursday morning.

Thanks, we needed that. When will the snow stop? Darn you Global Warming!!!

Well if it’s so warm what’s with the snow?

All kidding aside, I would love to come and even help out as a FTS but with limited funds bunking out in a snow bank would not really that much fun.

After seeing the robots today I’m confident that all of the top 4 alliances have an equal chance at winning the event.

Hopefully field reset crew will be ready for the home run derby 2013 & 2200 are going to put on in match 57.

610 was really impressed with 188’s robot at GTRW and incorporated some of their design elements into our latest design iteration. Good luck everyone and remember to drive it like you stole it.

This was the greatest to see when walking into the pits this morning.

Can someone tell the game announcer how many points a 3 assist low goal is worth? He keeps saying 21 points.

Wow the wrap up video that was produced for North Bay was incredible, hopefully it gets posted online for everyone to see.

So by the looks of the wildcard, if i’m reading correctly it seems that every team in the finals gets an invitation to worlds. I really do like the new wildcard system, it helps alot.

That’s correct.

610 and 4914 both qualified at GTRW (winners and RAS respectively). That gives the finalist alliance 2 wildcards, but 4476 won GTRE so they’re bypassed. The same thing happened at Waterloo and GTRW in 2013.

Was great seeing your bot at NorthBay this weekend. I watched you guys during GTW and my god, I was blown away on how your bot worked. It was fantastic!
I love the picker-upper mechanism you guys have!

Good luck to you guys during Worlds!

thanks for the kind words… #FRCNB was really well organized. The city and 1305 gave all of the visiting teams a great time. Two thumbs up.

We’ve just returned from this event. It was extremely well-organized and well-run. 1305 deserves a big hand from FIRST. Great venue, great city - what little we could see sticking up out of the snow - and great team social. We’re looking forward to returning next year. Congratulations to 1305 as well on their well-deserved Chairman’s Award. Kudos to Nipissing University, the City of North Bay and all the sponsors and volunteers for making every team so welcome.

I hope everything at our machine shop ran smoothly, it’s the first time we’ve had it setup at a regional that we weren’t attending so we had a different crew running things than usual.

Congrats to the winning alliance, especially fellow TDSB teams 188 and 4914!

The Machine Shop folks out in the trailer were very helpful and did a great job.