2014 Ohio FRC State Championship

The 2nd Annual Ohio FRC State Championship will be held this Saturday, May 17th, 2014.

24 of the top-performing Ohio FRC teams from the 2014 Aerial Assist season will be competing for the title.

Webcast and Team List link, provided by FRC Team 3266:

I’ve been told the webcast will also be linked at The Blue Alliance.

Event Venue:

Thurgood Marshall High School
4447 Hoover Ave
Dayton, OH 45417

Free and open to the public. Concessions will be available.

This event is a collaborative production of OhioFIRST.

Just added this to The Blue Alliance GameDay. Thanks!

Here’s a link to full field videos of Semifinals 1 and the Finals of the Ohio State Championship:

Team 48 had a blast competing at the OSC with alliance captain 695 and 5146 - more than any alliance we’ve been on in recent memory, our strategy and teamwork really maximized our output relative to our potential - we all stepped our games up to achieve victory in the face of adversity - congratulations, and enjoy this!

Congrats and thanks to all the teams in attendance for putting on a really competitive show for everyone, and thank you to the OhioFIRST event organizers and Dayton City Schools for hosting the competition - the venue was great!