2014 OPR After Week Four Events

The OPR/CCWM week 4 numbers have been updated. Please go to


There are a number of points I would like to make:

  1. Joe Ross pointed out the Dallas regional standings is incorrect. It is missing results from Match 87. I have manually changed the data in W-L-T and QS column and moved the team’s standing to my best guess. I did not add the Assist, Auto, T&C and Tele points since I don’t have that information. This will affect those team’s OPR numbers.

  2. I don’t have the alliance selection order for Buckeye so I used whatever my program determined based on elimination match schedule and final standing.

  3. Quite a few regional/districts this week have incomplete twitter data so adjusted OPRs cannot be calculated for those events.

If you find any error or have any questions, please let me know.

Joe Ross alerted me that there were two typo in alliance selection order that people posted on CD. I will not post an update anymore when this happens. I have updated my spreadsheet and the corrected data will be reflected when I post next week.

*Is there anyone out there in the CD community who has managed to figure out a way to convert Ed’s xlsm spreadsheet so that it can be opened with Excel 2000 ?

Easiest way is to open it in Google docs and save it in the different format.

Ether, Microsoft offers an xlsx to xls converter add-in for older versions of Excel. Download & install it.

Poor 4522. Rank 2 in unadjusted OPR and rank 7 in worldwide standings and their season’s already over.

I just tried converting it using Excel 2013. After a warning about reduced functionality, Excel crashed. Not sure if it can be converted without errors.

The file does not open in Google Docs.

Don, have you done this successfully for Ed’s spreadsheet?

Doesn’t work for me.

Ed was even kind enough to try to “save as” his xlxm to xls, but it crashed his computer.

I was able to open Ed’s xlsm in OpenOffice 3.3-5 but the macros don’t work (no surprise there).

I haven’t tried LibreOffice yet.

Was wondering if anyone had found a converter or viewer or other method.


conversion failed.png

conversion failed.png

I just tried that, too, and it crashed Excel–on both a Win7 and a Win8.1 machine.