2014 OPR After Week Two Events

The OPR/CCWM week 2 numbers have been updated. Please go to


There are a number of points I would like to make:

  1. Team Standings for Centerline is not posted on FIRST website. I posted what the FTA gave me but I am not certain the subscores are in the right columns. There were only two columns in the FTA report and I guess they are for Autonomous points and Teleop points. I will update them once the Team Standings are posted on the FIRST website.

  2. Team Standings for Greater Toronto West is now posted on the FIRST website. I have updated the data in my database.

  3. I added the Adjusted OPR in column AE for each event, which removes the Foul Points from the total score before computing OPR. The foul points came from Twitter data. I did not use the match score from Twitter data because they are not 100% accurate. For events without twitter data, no Adjusted OPR is computed.

  4. Thank you to all who posted alliance selection results and put into the Google spreadsheet. It makes my life a lot easier and the database can show more clearly what the selection order is.

If you find any error or have any questions, please let me know.

Seems like the win/loss numbers are off on the worldrank tab, ie 1114 has 10 wins in quals instead of 20.

Problem fixed. Version 2.1 published. Forgot to clear data before running macro again so most matches were double counted. Will add data clearing in macro so it will be done automatically. Thanks.


Thanks again for the service you do for the CD community.

Team numbers above 5119 do not work in the Query worksheet.

Our next MI district event includes team numbers 5220, 5222, 5229 and 5231.

Best regards,

Thanks Marc. I thought I fixed that before. Must have forgotten to save. I uploaded the new file but I am still calling it version 2.1 since it is a minor bug and not that many people have downloaded it yet.

Anyone know of an app I can get to view this on android? I’ve tried Office suite but it never loads all the way. Any suggestions?

Version 2.2 is posted. I found a problem with the sub-OPR. It was incorrectly shifted to add up to adjusted OPR instead of OPR. The problem has been fixed.

So this still doesn’t contain the Truss shots or Assists on CenterLine event teams? Any suggestions on how to fix it? The FTA’s reuploaded the stuff at the Kettering District, so I’m not sure who to go to to get it fixed. Any suggestions?

The team standings at Centerline is still not posted on FIRST website. The FTA told me he reuploaded it to FIRST and he is waiting for FIRST to publish it. I don’t know why it is taking so long. You can call FIRST and ask. I believe that guy’s name is Matt. The total score is correct. We just don’t have the total subscore of truss/catch and assist.

OPR Distribution after Week 2.
Follows usual season trends, typical Gamma Distribution:

Average OPR = 20.2
StdDev = 20.0
SNR = 0.09