2014 Palmetto Regional

Back again in Myrtle Beach, still on Week 1 whether you like it or not.

It’s already up to 55 teams–last year the number was 65. Take from that what you will.

Notable so far:

  1. 8 rookie teams so far, 5 of them from South Carolina. Two are back-from-the-dead types; Dorman HS (5020) had 1715 that lasted a year, and Blythewood HS (5180) had 1959 that last competed in 2011*.
  2. For ten years, the Palmetto Regional never had a Canadian team. Now we have 4…and two of them are rookies!
  3. Of all of last year’s 8 medal-getters, only three are returning: 2187 (Conway SC, champions), 2655 (Colfax NC, EI), and 3824 (Knoxville TN, finalists). Room at the top?

[spoiler]Standard policy is teams that last competed in 2011 come back with their old numbers, but my understanding is that they brought back one kid that was around for their last season as 1959. That team was credited with one win in their only event that year. That’s a rookie team to me.[/spoiler]

Who else is excited to head back to the beach?

We actually grappled with the idea of going back to Palmetto. Peachtree is a week 5, so that gave us some more flexibility with respect to our 2nd regional options.

However, in the end, our familiarity with the location and the teams fondness for Week 1 drew us back. Hopefully we can help take up some of that room at the top.

Funny thing about this, Atlanta Public Schools doesn’t allow students to go swimming during school trips. So we’re heading back, but not for the beach.

  • Sunny G.

Sadly, we won’t be coming down to Myrtle Beach this year. It’s a shame because last year’s event was one of the best I’ve been to, and with the teams already signed up for this years event it looks to be even better.

We are hoping to get in off of the waitlist!

Kellen, Hope you guys can make it!

It’s hard to tell how many wait list slots have been taken. There are 9 registered SC teams not on the current Palmetto list. I would expect at least 6 of those teams are also on the wait list which would leave 4 open slots for out of state teams. (I am assuming Palmetto will max out at 65 teams again.)

It was unfortunate that MORT could return to defend their title. Good luck at your District Event.

Billfred, By the way… there’s a beach at Myrtle Beach? Who’s got time for that!


I haven’t been back to Aiken to confirm this yet, but I don’t think M’Aiken Magic will be competing at Palmetto this year due to a conflict with the FIRST Tech Challenge South-Eastern Super Regional in Texas.

I’ll be at Palmetto with Billfred & I’s new team, 4901 Garnet Squadron, and of course my favorite other team, 1772 the Brazilian Trailblazers.

Thanks, and good luck to everyone competing at this year’s event.

And for us to get to the beach this year, we’ll have to travel a little farther than SC :wink:

We’re hoping/waiting to make it in from the waitlist. We’re confirmed at SMR for week 5, but the other options in the first few weeks a quite a distance away. Fingers crossed.

South Florida? Hahaa

A little farther.

Looks like 7 teams were pulled off the wait list to bring the team total to 64.

Unfortunately, we weren’t one of them.


MORT 11 will miss attending the 2014 Palmetto Regional! Unfortunately we are hosting our MAR District competition Week 1 and can’t attend. The Palmetto Regional is like a second home for MORT, the planning committee is top notch, the competition is great and more importantly, the people of SC and the surrounding areas are so welcoming to us. Your warm hospitality will be missed. To all of our friends attending, good luck this year and we hope to see you out in St. Louis! Stay well, Mr. B.

It would be way to cold to swim anyways, pluse the only times yu would be able to swim is late at night then it would be very cold.

Haha we did not! :ahh:


So it seems our event up to 67 teams 2 more than last year.
With such a depth in the number of teams at our event I’m expecting some really excellent play come eliminations. Of course something I’m interested in is finding out how many teams will be building specialized assist robots.

Of course welcome to our new Canadian friends from north of the border, and our friends the Brazilian Trailblazers are back.

1 week away and counting everyone!

Thanks! We’re excited for the warm weather! Any pointers for the new guys?


Don’t pack snow boots and tire chains.

  • Sunny G.

We might be rookies as a team but as you can tell by this thread Billfred, Casey, and I are experienced in the ways of the Palmetto Regional.

While you are coming to the South-East it hasn’t exactly warmed up here yet. Though it should be a bit better than what you experience in Canada. I’m expecting temperatures to be in the 60s or 70s so still bring a jacket for no other reason than it could be windy since it is the coast.

Seats are a premium if nothing has changed much from last year, though we don’t have the large teams on the roster like we did last year, make sure you send a good few of your teammates to find seats right as doors open.

Palmetto as of last year only had a half practice field. I don’t expect anything different this year. Though maybe they will…because multiple robot play is more important this time around.

There are in house concessions on the audience side of the convention center…YAY!

Make sure you visit the college and sponsorship row, you may be from out of country, but they still have some big scholarships for international students.
I can really only speak for the University of South Carolina in which I attend.

If you need scouting sheets or any other black and white printing done. Come to 4901’s pit. We can help you in a jiffy. (Laser-jet printer)

All in all, Palmetto is a really well done competition, Our DJ has always been as we who watch a lot of streams call it, “Canada Tier” and of course all of the teams are friendly. Just ask our Brazilian friends about the first time they came to the Palmetto state.

Looking forward to seeing you down here!
-John Fogarty

I’m excited to meet our neighbors from the north and from south of the equator!