2014 PDB source

Who supplies the 2014 PDB? Is it NI? If so, does anybody have contact info?
I want to try to repair a broken power stud by pulling the old one and installing a new one. We have found a source for them for something like $5.
I am looking for the manufacturers recommendation on the feasibility of doing this.
Have any of you tried?
I know there is a thread on repair by drilling and tapping or adding a coupling nut but both of those options seem somewhat risky.
The board is basically junk without new studs so if there is any chance at all of replacing the stud I would like to try.

Andymark has instructions on how to do this

thanks for the link
Guess you can drill right through the thing and retap.

We have just drilled through and used a 1/4-20 button head bolt from the bottom, a lock washer and nut to sandwich the board, and enough thread to still mount electrical lug with another nut.

We have too much experience doing this, but at $189 a pop, we will use the modified ones on the practice bots.

Please remember that this repair renders the PD illegal for use in competition as it is not an “identical replacement” part. The terminal is not designed to be replaced as the part is actually forced into the board under pressure prior to soldering operations.

I was going to point this out then I realized that no matter what this board will be illegal because we are switching to the new board next year :stuck_out_tongue:

It is unclear yet whether the new control system will negate all previous systems or not. The PD is essentially the same hardware with added features.

Oh, I figured the new one would be mandatory, I know some teams will want the new features while others may want to keep the greater number of connections. It will be interesting to see what they decide.