2014 Peachtree Regional

The Peachtree Regional. March 27th - 29th. Georgia World Congress Center.

A new (and at the same time, old) competition venue, a new competition week, & some new faces; 2014 is going to be an interesting competition year. Who’s ready to turn up & win a blue banner in the great city of Atlanta?

Current Team List: (as of 11:48 PM 9/28/2013)

1311 will not be going to the Peachtree for the 1st time in history. We will be volunteering but not competing.

Heading to the Palmetto and then to the Bayou.

If I may, why?

  • Sunny G.

pretty simple actually. we want to do two regionals, travel around, go to the beach. Palmetto is well ‘Myrtle Beach’… still a little cool temperature wise at that date but neat to go to. Bayou is during the school districts spring break week and that will be a little bit of a vacation going there.

That sounds…fun.

On a separate note, I love the venue change. This will probably solve the seating issue, but I love that the P’tree regional is back within five minutes of my residence.

  • Sunny G.

It’s so funny to see teams in the 5000s…

I am going to miss the easy parking especially for the trailer.

parking will be easy… just park in the yellow or blue lots at GWCC

Parking shouldn’t be too bad but I did notice that they are having two other events that weekend and one of them is the International Auto Show. That might make parking a bit more difficult especially for large trucks and trailers. I hope the regional planners are working to block some areas off just for the FRC folks and their trailers. Does anybody have any insight into that? It’s also interesting that the GWCC website doesn’t list the Peachtree Regional yet?? See the link below…


For all those teams that asked me where 1102 has been the past few years, looks like they’ve finally made their way back.

If my rookie team’s regional doesn’t conflict, I might make a visit back to Peachtree to volunteer again.

It’ll definitely be worth it, we used the new venue for the GRITS offseason event. If they have the audio engineers place the speakers in better spots, it looks like the venue will be amazing!

Yeah, the placement wasn’t ideal of the speakers. I had to move strategically when MCing to avoid feedback.

If the committee needs help setting up the audio, I can help with that. I have some experience (you remember) in setting up audio in somewhat large venues. The new space has plenty of potential, but bad speaker placement can kill the excitement a lot. ::ouch::

Is anybody else planning to be at the Johnson Destination Einstein field this Saturday? 1746 will be showing up for a bit of practice.

1 week until Peachtree!

We’re going to be at the field at Walton’s space. I have heard of a few teams who will be at destination einstein though.

We’ll be there for pretty much all of Saturday. We have two robots (one for defense and one practice bot), so you’ll have a few robots to play with.

Additionally, I think there are 2-3 teams that work at the LJ facility. I’m sure we could coax them into joining us.

Technically, the Walton facility is also a DE facility, but it sounds like the party is going to be at the LJ facility.

  • Sunny G.

Team 108 is extremely excited to make the trip out to the Peachtree regional. It would be nice to see some pictures and videos of robots competing at the regional.

A list of teams competing at the regional can be found at: https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=event_teamlist&-session=myarea:0A7D788707d7225C23YoTR2B4A32

Team 108’s robot: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/39617
Team 108’s robot video: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8BVqwBSdBy2dG81WTBIRm55MWc/edit

1102 has gotten tons, and I mean that. TONS of driver practice for once this year. I expect them to be a lot better than people have seen from them in quite a while. They’re trying a lot of new things this year, but so far it seems they’ve mastered them quite well. They’ll be one of the fastest/agile teams at Peachtree I suspect.

Can’t wait to come up to ATL for finals day.

For some teams it only feels like yesterday was stop build. For others, week 5 couldn’t have come sooner. Regardless of that, week 5 is upon us, and Peachtree is right around the corner. To get hyped for Peachtree, Team 1648 put together a hype video to highlight our robot and the changes we made between Palmetto and Peachtree. Check it out here.

CD-Media post and specs: Click here

Week 5 brings warm weather and the Peacthree Regional to the real Atlanta. For the first time since 2010, the Georgia World Congress Center will play host to 65 teams for a good game of Aerial [strike] Assault[/strike] Assist.

1261 is not-so-fresh off their win in Palmetto. Week 1 treated them well, and their occasional two-ball autonomous, followed by a consistent high-goal shot, caught a lot of their opponents off guard. If they can stay frosty in week 5, they may walk into St. Louis with two blue banners.

Speaking of Palmetto, 2974 almost took home the gold in Myrtle Beach with their excellent scouting and killer defense. They had to settle for the Engineering Inspiration Award, but maybe this time, they can break out of their offensive shell and take home the gold.

2415 joined the party in week 3 at Dallas, and maybe one of these years, they’ll actually get going in their first event. This year, their robot may have exited early in the Quarterfinals at Dallas, but they were able to work out a lot of issues and will come into Peachtree looking to show that they are the number one team in the southeast.

If there’s a party, we can’t forget our friends from the south. we’re not just talking about 79, who, with a reliable intake and a decent shooter, went home a win shy of a blue banner in Orlando, but also 2283, who took the gold in the first ever Mexico City Regional.

In 2008, 1771 sucked so much they won the National Creativity Award. This year, 1771-incarnate (read: 4509), is going back to its roots and is a real blast from the past. If they manage to avoid the first-regional wrinkles, 4509 could be going to the finals for the second year in a row at Peachtree.

It’ll be hard to count how many teams Team JVN has inspired, but if we had to start at the Peachtree Regional, teams **108 **and 1746 would be close to the top of that list. Both teams sport robots that perfectly implement the concepts behind the three day build, and if they can replicate their practice-field successes, both of these teams may be playing well into Saturday afternoon.

But the list of remarkable teams doesn’t stop there. With 1319, 832, 4026, and 3318 heading up a list of Peachtree Regional regulars, this event promises to be more of a head turner than anything we may have seen since the regional’s founding.

All in all, there are six spots to St. Louis, and with four wildcards in play, it may seem like it’s easier to sneak a ticket to the big show, but with a game where defensive robots can shut down powerhouses and rankings don’t matter, the Peachtree Regional promises to be one hell of a ride.

  • FRC 1648 Scouting and Strategy