2014 PNW Oregon City District

Who’s ready for the first PNW district event in Oregon!!
4488 will be there ready to eagerly compete, and can’t wait to see the rest of the competition.

1540 is super excited! I’m interested to see how the game is played in person -there’s only so much that a webcast can show.

A quick question for those of you that see this – who’s going to Oregon City and submitting for Chairman’s?

We are submitting.

We will be submitting as well. I am excited to see this game played in person i just hope our robot lives through it.

Man, I’m getting some pre-competition anxiety this year. It can’t come soon enough. Good luck to you guys! :smiley:

The trailer heading to the Oregon City District event was loaded tonight and the truck should leave around 7am tomorrow.

Hope all the teams have a great experience!

I did not know bear metal was coming down i am so excited now.

Sorry to have misled you Bear Metal is not coming down to OR until week 7. The trailer I was referring to is the one with the field on it.

Well their goes my hopes and dreams of seeing a beautiful water jet robot :frowning:

You won’t see a water jet robot from us, we CNC mill our machines. In the past we have had Flow cut a few pieces but none this season or last.