2014 PNW Wilsonville District

Who’s ready for Wilsonville tomorrow!! There be a great set of teams here, and I’m hoping for an epic event.

I’m sure looking forward to it. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

For other teams that are going to be there, have all of you gotten the memo about where to drop things off and about where to park on Friday? It should have already gone out but if you haven’t seen it I can give details.

Here’s a fun statistic so far this year:
In 50% of the matches that 4488 lost 1425 was on the other alliance
In 100% of the matches that 1425 lost 4488 was on the other alliance

Woot woot, I’m ready!

Though I’m not too excited about waking up at 5 AM for the bus ride up there. :o

That is interesting indeed. It’s certainly also worth mentioning that 5/6 of the teams in the finals at Oregon City will be there this weekend.

5AM? I know Brookings is not exactly next door, but it should be like a 6 hour drive. If you show up at noon or something the truck with the field won’t even be there yet.

Haha Hopefully we can get some data on matches that 1425 and 4488 are on the same alliance this weekend. :slight_smile:

It looks like we will be running this time. I really want to see shortwaves 3 ball auto shock the other teams.

I can hardly wait. Its going to be an exiting weekend!

I’m glad that we finally put in some serious practice hours during our un-bag time :smiley:

We left so early because we spent 2 or so hours at the family fun center. It really helped brighten our moods for the first day! :smiley:

This was definitely the best first day of a competition that my team has experienced. We passed inspection quickly without any big problems and for the first time we got a practical pit frame set up. Now we’re ready to roll tomorrow!

The Field is ready to rock! Check out all the work that goes into setup.


Looking forward to the matches to come over the next 2 days!

Wow. What another amazing weekend.

I first want to thank all of the volunteers and everybody that made this event happen. The venue was amazing, the atmosphere was great and everyone put on a great show.

Also, Thank you to teams 1425 and 2002. You guys were great alliance partners, and it was awesome to be pared with you this time, instead of being against you guys.

To 2521, 2411 and 956, you guys put up a great challenge in the finals, and seeing truss shots and catches all throughout eliminations was really neat to see and very exciting.

Congratulations to 4057 on winning the Chairmans award. You guys are an amazing team, and won a well deserved Chairmans.

Hope to see you all at the PNW Championships in a few weeks.

I think we are seeing the birth of a power house team here. I hope they can one day rival the very best.
Good job shock wave and error code zero you guys can put up a good fight.

The Wilsonville District was great. Everything was well organized and ran really smooth.

Thanks Thad House for the compliment! FRC Team 4057 was pleasantly shocked to earn Chairman’s at Wilsonville! The team works so well together and has such a great time. I hope we will be at the PNW Championship but we won’t know until 23 hours from now. If we can’t find the entrance fee we will be removed from the list :frowning: Anyone else having issue with the new district model and finances.? Our cost has tripled (we live in Klamath Falls so we have travel cost no matter where we go)

No problem. We hope to see you guys at the Championship. Also, you guys are currently ranked around 32nd in points, So there is a potential you guys could get invited by points as well. Which would happen after week 6. So if you guys don’t get the money, and can’t get an extension from FIRST (I think teams have gotten extensions before) keep trying to raise money. You could get invited again after week 6.

Wow, you guys do have to travel a long ways! I wish there was a robotics team couch surfing program :slight_smile:

We are lucky to have a great student business team, mentors, and coaches focused on raising funds throughout the year. Even so, we have to spend most of the year asking for donations of parts and services so that we can save up money to compete. The district model has certainly put a load on our budget as we are now trying to figure out how to pay for Worlds (if we make it).

I love the district model because it’s such a great opportunity to play with and get to know more local teams. I feel that these smaller events are much more intimate. Also, our team played 19 matches total last year (Portland Regional and Worlds). As of right now we’ve played twice that! So districts cost more, but there is some added value.

I wish you guys the best and hope to see you at District Championships!

Does anyone know why no Rookie award was given? It seems like when there is only one rookie team at an event, the team is given either Rookie Inspiration or Rookie All-Star as appropriate.

I’d say because in the Judges opinion the rookie did not meet their standards for either of those awards.

I really admire the work Team 4057 has done in a few short years with such a challenging demographic situation spread out over multiple schools in an area we would consider remote. Kudos to the Chairman’s Award winners!

We’re fortunate to live near two of the three Oregon district competitions so travel costs for district events don’t put such a toll on our finances. Knowing what you’re up against for next year and having struck PR gold already, I hope you can build support in your district and community to provide transportation and lodging costs. I’ve tried to connect with principals, athletic directors, and activity directors in the schools partly to learn what’s normal behavior for those programs and simultaneously build support for our own.

If you were able to get a district bus, could you cost share by picking up the Bend team along the way? Can you build connections with other teams or groups in the competition area that could provide lodging or meals? You should let me know what we can do to help when you come to Portland. With enough warning we might be able to provide lodging or storage for you.

Have you received the ODE grant supporting extended travel for FRC teams? I’m guessing that OIT is a supporter of yours. Can they provide any service to you at their Wilsonville campus?

I’m interested in yours and other outlying teams’s situation. I hope you find the key resources you need. You guys run a heroic program, you deserve to show off an excellent example of FRC teamwork.

It’s unfortunate. We were 5085’s neighbors at Wilsonville. They were a very sweet team with a good group of kids. And their robot was also an excellent inbounder! Hopefully they will have more luck at Oregon State.

Thanks Chris! It is so nice to be recognized by a fellow FIRST coach. We are working all those angles to get to the PNW Championships.

I don’t know anything about the ODE travel grant. I do know ODE was suppose to have grant money for rural FIRST FRC teams but when the time came to disperse that money I received an email stating all the money had gone to various FIRST teams and none was left for the rural teams.

It is definitely something FIRST can improve on and hopefully the powers that be will see the value in more financial support for rural FRC teams.

We will know on April 1st if we will be going to PNW Championship or not. fingers crossed!