2014 Queen City Regional

Starting a thread for the 2014 Queen City Regional! 3324 is ready to go!

1529 is excited for the third annual QCR.
We’ve made a team info sheetfor the event.
Interesting tidbit: 73% of teams at QCR have played in at least one previous event. The strategy and gameplay will be outstanding.

What’s QTR and RAS stand for?

QTR = quarterfinalists
RAS = rookie all stars

Ya, we have been watching matches from other competitions that involve queen city bots! It will definitely be exciting. I think 2 or 3 bots have already qualified for worlds. Scouting will be very fun!

I’ve also started to assemble a spreadsheet for social media links to do preliminary scouting for teams at Queens. I have not quite finished it yet.

Original thread was started here

Can we get these combined?

Also I heard something about there being extra refs at Queen City to help keep the game rulings consistent. Anyone else heard any more news on this development?

Curious as to where you would have heard this?

I heard it from a fellow team’s coach. Just a rumor I guess.

FIRST, after week 1, added an additional ref to the mid-field position across from the Head Ref. Other than that, I we have not discussed adding additional Field Ref’s as this would make it unfair to the other events/teams since our event would then be different from how FIRST has detailed the Field operations.

Bomb Squad is excited to be making the trek out to Cincinnati. We’re even getting in a plant tour at the Toyota facility on Wednesday afternoon!
We’re looking forward what looks like some very tough competition. See y’all there.

That’s cool!

On Thursday we will have 2 Bomb Squad’s in the house. For the third year, the Cincinnati Bomb Squad will be on site with their Bomb Disposal Robot.

Anyway here is a compilation of images from the season with a few video’s mixed in not the best video ever but the team put it together awhile back.

In case anybody is interested, we’ll have a demonstration for the 2015 control system set up in the pits. Y’all come by and poke/prod/ask questions… That’s why we brought it. If you don’t see us at the demo, just come find us at our pit. We are a little small this year, so we may not be able to keep it manned all the time.

FYI you have an end pit next to the practice field and I will be setting up an extra table or 2 next to your pit for the demo.

Just got back from the practice field where I was watching a few of the central Indiana teams practicing. QC better watch out!

Just got back from our practice field as well! Still practicing as it is being broke down to load out tomorrow for QCR.

Fearless Likely Wrong Prediction - 16 and 525 will defeat 1024 and 868/234 in the finals, and 2016 will win the Chairman’s Award.

Laying all out there, eh Travis? There are quite a few strong teams showing up in the teams list - we’re up to 47 teams now and adding maybe one or two more. Anything can happen here in our fair Queen City. Even your “fearless likely wrong” prediction could come true, hard to dispute those powerful teams. It’s going to be tough for everyone.