2014 Robot !!! Build Blitz

So after a whole two hours, team 4004: MARS Rovers has finished its finished 2014 robot!
This is…Robot in 20 min after lunch…

Robot in 3 days has got nothing on this.




That’s a lot of driver practice.

I took me too long to notice you just put a ball on your 2013 robot…

Nah. It is a new robot. It has one change: It can hold a ball. However, how does it dump the ball and how does it load balls?

I guess it can just try to jostle the ball off the top if necessary :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, even a box on wheels can just herd balls around to make assists and 1pt goals

Nice robot! What material are you using to build vertically? Looks like some kind of metal post to me

In the chance your being serious, it’s 80/20