2014 Robot List Compilation

This year I’d like to start a google spreadsheet open to everyone to edit so teams can add their Robot to one big list. Teams will be able to add a row to the spreadsheet with their team number, name, robot name, video, description, and a few other pieces of information about their 2014 Robot.

2014 Robot List Spreadsheet


Great idea! Thanks for setting this up.

Good Luck to all the teams!


I added a box where you can state what events you are going to.

^ great addition!

I was thinking of something similar, but I’m thinking it would be nice if some of the columns had very standardized values for common cases that are used frequently. This would allow someone to find out what teams (and how many) are using simple Mecanum drive or six wheel drop center for instance. Or how many are using surgical tubing to launch, and of those, which are tensioning the tubing with a motor and which with pneumatics.

This makes the table much more powerful with a rich set of standardized values that allow sorting, searching, counting, filtering, etc.

You can also upload photos and videos of your robot on The Blue Alliance!

Example: http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/1983/2014#media

How to: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=127018

The spreadsheet has been vandalized. You might want to consider locking down cells that are completed.

EDIT: Just saw you reverted it.

Actually, if you click on “Last edit was made…” it takes you to revisions, and then just about anyone can revert it. Which is what I did after it got vandalized.

I was afraid this might happen.

If someone ever does something stupid like removing everything again I can revert back with a couple clicks- I’ll probably find it quickly or you can post here and I’ll have it back up.

You’ve got to love the fact that google saves everything so this will never be a major problem.

You could switch to where we give you the info but it looks like its all dying down.

With championships approaching I believe it would be beneficial for all teams to continue to add information about their robot on this spreadsheet. Additionally if you already have your team on this list you can update your information. We currently have 64 teams listed on here and I hope to get information about all teams attending championships and all other teams to keep an archive of the 2014 robots.

With this game so dependent on your alliance partners you can never pre-scout too early and this information will definitely help for championships.

I know alot of people have scouting data about other teams and if another team you know hasn’t added their information you’re welcome to add some in order to give a little insight about every team. Please be honest and fair when doing this.

Robot List Spreadsheet