2014 Sacramento Regional

Excited to attend our local regional again! Hopefully we’ll have better performance than we did at Central Valley last week. Here is the team list, let the predictions and discussion begin…

100 The WildHats
114 Eagle Strike
115 MVRT
253 Mills Robotics Team
585 Cyber Penguins
599 Robodox
668 The Apes of Wrath
692 The Fembots
701 RoboVikes
751 barn2robotics
766 M-A Bears
840 ART
971 Spartan Robotics
1280 Ragin’ C- Biscuits
1351 TKO
1388 Eagle Robotics
1458 Red Tie Robotics
1662 Raptor Force Engineering
1671 Buchanan Bird Brains
1678 Citrus Circuits
1868 Space Cookies
2035 “Rockin” Bots
2073 EagleForce
2085 RoboDogs
2141 Spartonics
2144 Gators
2156 Wire Freaks
2204 Rambots
2367 Lancer Robotics
2473 Goldstrikers
2489 The Insomniacs
2551 Penguin Empire
2761 IronHorse Robotics
3013 Zombots
3189 Circuit Breakers
3250 Kennedy Robotics
3256 WarriorBorgs
3257 Vortechs
3554 LC Botkickers
3598 SEStematic Eliminators
3859 Wolfpack
3925 Circuit of Life
4135 Iron Patriots
4159 CardinalBotics
4185 Cyber Foxes
4498 Team X
4643 Thunderbird Robotics
4669 Gal Robotics
4698 Rio Raidicons
4711 “Flying Aces”
5026 Iron Panthers
5097 Phantom
5134 RoboWolves
5250 Kinetic
5274 Wolverines

From one Eagle team to another, can’t wait to see you guys up at Davis! :slight_smile:

1678 cannot wait to compete this weekend! Our students have been iterating all aspects of our operations, from Chairman’s presentation to robot subsystems to webcasting. Expect an even more streamlined 1678 for the 2014 Sacramento Regional!

With such a long list of teams, I expect the field to be one of the deepest in CA. Elimination matches will be anyone’s game, especially this year with alliance synergy and foul points playing key roles in match outcomes.

See everyone Thursday!


I’m excited! A lot of names I recognize in that list, and many that I don’t. Always nice to see familiar faces and always nice to meet the rookies.

We’ve been hard at work on our robot since ship day, and are ready to bring it! Should be a fun one.

Like Mike said, this regional is looking much deeper than it has in the past. 1678, 971, 1671, et al are all looking really good coming in. At least one lucky finalist captain will likely get the wildcard slot 1678 brings to this regional from IE. I sure hope this regional transcends it’s reputation for being the CA “defense regional,” especially with what’s considered “defense” this year. Let’s have a fun, clean regional, without too many controversial tech fouls!

I’m watching the webstream, and it says “Inland Empire q1” as the match number. I’m just pointing it out to eliminate potential confusion for other viewers.

Another note, TBA seems to have the wrong schedule, I believe the correct one is here: http://www2.usfirst.org/2014comp/events/CASA/ScheduleQual.html
EDIT: Fixed

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the live scoring. Please bear with us while we fix server issues.

In Q8, 2 missed auto balls for the blue alliance were placed into the low goal in teleop, and each one was scored for 6 points.

EDIT: This was the real score shown on the scoreboard, not the score shown by 1678

In Q9, 1671 (blue alliance) shot a missed auto ball into the high goal in teleop for 15 points.

Q10, blue scores in the low goal in teleop with a missed auto ball for 6 points.

All of the online results appear to be down…

Attention live stream viewers:
The live stream has been forced to move from YouTube to Twitch.tv
To view the new live stream, go to http://citruscircuits.org/live

Livestream overlay appears to be one match ahead of regional. Otherwise, looks great.

Was the issue of teleop scores getting the auto bonus resolved? I did not see many matches after Q10. At least one of the matches (Q8) that I saw had the outcome affected by this issue, as red likely would have won instead of the alliances tying.

Did anyone record the order of alliance selections?

See attachment…

Congratulations to the winning alliance of 971, 1678, and 766! They did amazing. This makes back to back wins for 1678. Also big congrats to the finalist alliance of 2085, 1671, and 692. 2085 qualifies for the championships with the wild card. 3256, the warriorborgs, picked up Chairman’s, excellent job! 4159, Cardinal Robotics gets EI, that team has done so much in such a short time - very inspiring! Also glad to see my “brother from another mother”, Robert Greene, win WFFA. Congrats also to my daughter, Leah, with the Dean’s List.

Can’t recall all, but 1(971) picked 2(1678), then 3(2085) picked 5(1671) from there I can reconstruct:

new 3# 2761 takes 100(26th)

#4 114(6) takes 2035(16)

new #5 4159(7) takes 599(18)

#6 1280(8) takes 4135(15)

#7 668(9) takes 2073(24)

#8 1388(10) takes 2551(17) and then 2144(19)

#7 1868(50) ?
#6 701(32)
#5 3250(40)
#4 115(51)?
#3 662(22)
#2 692(28)
#1 766(31)

Not sure for third pick(low rank)in most cases perhaps they had a high shot.

I think 971 and 1678 could have put a potato in as their 3rd pick and still have won. As a matter of fact they pretty much did score double their opponents in one match where 766 was stuck on the field.

As we learned, this game is NOT about rankings, there were a lot of good robots at events for Aerial Assist that were not in the top 8. Because of the amount of teamwork this game requires means that you need good alliance partners to win matches. But as long as you can prove your robot’s functionality, your robot will be picked, regardless of your ranking.

First off, I want to thank everyone involved in putting on this regional. It was a great event, as it always has been. I’m really proud of what our students accomplished this weekend. We had a very unconventional design from what most teams were doing, but we made it work.

Additionally, thank you to 1868 and 2073 for joining our alliance. You guys were both awesome alliance partners and we would pick you guys again without a second thought. Also a thank you to 2085, 1671, and 692 for giving us some really exciting quarterfinals matches. Finally, congrats to 971, 1678, and 766 for taking home the banner; you guys were unstoppable.

To answer this question, no this was not a friendship pick or a throw in the towel pick. We were trying to build the best alliance possible. In fact, both 1868 and 2073 were in our top 8 pick list. Our personal analysis of our robot was that we were an OK high goal shooter, a decent truss robot, and a good inbounder. What were looking for in an alliance, based on what was left, was a good inbounder/assister (2073) and a good floor pickup/truss shot to human player (1868). We knew on Friday night that if we seeded, we would be a low seed. Our scouting team agreed that we would have to take some risks if we wanted to be competitive. We knew 1868 could be that second leg robot, but they weren’t performing to their full capability Friday. On Saturday morning, we saw them getting better throughout their last few matches, and decided to take the chance. If they were at full capability (and, if you watch our quarterfinal matches with the finalist alliance, they were pretty close), they were an easy pick to make. I’m very happy with the work that our scouting team did in finding value in the lower rounds of alliance selections.