2014 St. Louis Regional

FRC Team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T. will be traveling to St. Louis for the first time.
Who will be joining us?

Team 1208 will be there (not on the list yet, but hope to be added from the wait-list soon). Here is a link to our St. Louis info packet; it is for the Championship, but has some useful stuff anyway: http://www.othsrobotics.com/pdfs/2013%20StL%20Guide.pdf

You folks are not rookies, but might benefit from our Rookie Guide to the St. Louis Regional, since you have not been there before. http://www.othsrobotics.com/pdfs/Rookie%20Guide.pdf
We are looking forward to meeting your team!

Great to see an Indiana team coming out for the regional! FRC4329 has registered for our home regional and will see you there.

I was glad to see an Indiana team like 1501 sign up for the regional this year due to the high likelyhood of you all going to the district structure next year along with Illinois. What worries me is that of 1208 not being able to attend Stl. Louis next year. That would be a huge loss for the regional. Something else that is interesting from a regional perspective is that its already at 40 teams with 931, 1094, 1208, and 4256 still being wait listed.

I’m very interested to see how an Illinois/Indiana district would affect St. Louis. With Missouri’s major FRC hubs on opposite state borders it often feels like two completely separate regions. The boundry line between St. Louis and East St. Louis is about as blurred as the one between Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. We are absolutlely tied to our neighboring states.


Looks like 4256 is registered now. :slight_smile:

None of the other three teams above has ever missed a St. Louis Regional. Ever. And each has won at least one RCA and at least one WFFA at St. Louis. Sustaining teams, no doubt. I expect we will see them all return for 2014.

Thats a relief to know. All of the other three teams had registered at other events initially, but Saint Louis filled up very quickly this year. I hope they all make it in off the wait list, St. Louis just wouldn’t be the same with out them.

Teams in areas that have taken up the district structure have the option of opting out. Which Team 1208 would do, not because we are opposed to the district model, but because in every way, except a political boundary, we are part of St. Louis.

The Stl. Regional is now up to 5 rookie teams this year with 5326 joining the list. 931, 1094, and 1208 are still being wait listed(I assume :wink: ) but since the NASA grants have been announced I expect that they will be hopefully added soon.

Hello to teams attending the St. Louis regional.
Team 1208 has made an unofficial guide to the St. Louis regional, here is the link: http://othsrobotics.com/pdfs/unofficial_guide_to_st_louis_regionals.pdf
I hope you find it helpful.

Scouting time! Anybody want to trade pics of robots with 3397? Or should we all just post pics here? Either way, I would love to see what teams at STL have come up with.

6WD 4 CIM drivetrain with Super Shifter gearboxes
Intake with innovative basket for securing the ball
Catapult for high goal scoring and truss shooting
Intake can score in low goal

Ask questions!!

Here is 3397, if you have any questions, just ask.


The Lutheran Roboteers are looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones at the 2014 STL Regional. Our “shakedown cruise” at CIL this past weekend gave us a great chance to be tuned up and ready to go. Check out our 2014 Videos: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG_GQkGFI_5oxcpkjQ7Jsmg?feature=watch

And here is the promo page. See you in STL!!

full robot poster with defensive version 2.pdf (185 KB)

full robot poster with defensive version 2.pdf (185 KB)

There were a handful of teams at the Central Illinois Regional that will be at the St. Louis Regional.

For those interested in seeing how the game was played or for scouting, check out this link for videos from CIL.

Feed the Fish!

1658 will be attending as usual. Hopefully we have a functioning robot this year!
(we bagged a fully functioning bot so fingers crossed)

Autonomous video:

Practice video:

There are more improvements on the way and should be expecting a good competition.

So i was checking out the websites of teams that will be at the STL regional and OMG look at the Lightning Lancers robot!!


Wow, cut out the swerve drive that they had last year and they replace it with that… Dang. Can’t wait to see how it performs, It does look like a total beast.

Yeah I am by no means a friend of mecanum, but swerve on the other hand is my lover for life!!

If it performs as good as it looks they will be seeded extremely high this year.
And a team that pays that much attention to detail on aesthetics will likely have paid that much detail all throughout the year