2014 Texas Robotics Invitational (T.R.I.)

Texas Robotics Invitational (T.R.I.)

Texas Robotics Invitational (TRI) is a new off-season event in Houston, Texas designed to get local teams more play time. It’s going to be a relaxed event that will work to strengthen our community. For those of you who have attended Houston Robot Remix in the past two years this event will work in a very similar way.

Planned and organized by Spectrum FRC#3847, Houston area teams and volunteers, and the Lone Star Regional Committee with support from FIRST in Texas and the Texas Workforce Commission.

June 21st, All qualification rounds and eliminations will happen on June 21st. Field setup and load in will be June 20th

Strake Jesuit College Preparatory Gymnasiums
8900 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX, 77036

Only Texas teams can compete do to sponsorship restrictions.

Invites should start going out to the first round of teams this week. After May 16th we’ll start inviting more teams. We’re planning to keep inviting teams till we get to 32 teams.

Free to all teams

Social Media:
Twitter: @TRIRobots](http://www.twitter.com/TRIrobots)

For More Information:
Website: www.spectrum3847.org/TRI
Email us at TRI@spectrum3847.org

So excited to see that texas finally has a invitational! Can’t wait to see the team list!

Interesting rule changes. It’s like Remix on steroids.

Alliance Selection and Elimination Tournament
The top 8 seeds will be the alliance captains but their selection order will be randomly assigned. Alliance captains may not select other alliance captains. A serpentine order will be in place for first two selection of an alliance. The fourth members of each alliance will be randomly assigned to them from the remaining teams.

During every round of eliminations all 4 teams on an alliance must play at least one match. Rosters are turned into head ref / scoring table like it is done at championships.

That was the goal, it doesn’t make sense for teams to come to an off-season and have their day end after qualification rounds are over. This system keeps everyone in eliminations.

In theory this system is supposed to provide incentive for teams to get into the top 8 but doesn’t give any team a clear reason to stay out of the top 8. It seems a bit odd but we’re hoping to make the elimination alliances all on the same level without having a large group of teams that are all at the same level like at Championship or IRI.

It clearly devalues the #1 seed but that is intentional so your match schedule becomes less of a factor in your picking position. This is especially helpful for one day off-seasons where teams will only get 8 matches or less.

This is an experiment and it should be fun no matter what.

I will have to look and see if Team 3310 can come. I’m really interested!

Team 4206 can’t wait to see the team list for this event.

We have 25 teams registered for T.R.I. including one pre-rookie team.

Texas teams that are interested in being invited please PM or Email me. We are going to keep inviting teams till we reach 32.

Here is the current team list

57 Booker T. Washington/HSEP
118 Clear Creek ISD
148 Greenville HS
418 LASA High School - Austin
457 South San Antonio HS
624 Cinco Ranch HS
1429 Galena Park ISD
1477 College Park HS
2158 Anderson HS - Austin
2468 Eanes ISD - Austin
2585 Bellaire HS
2587 Lamar HS
2789 Manor HS-San Antonio
2881 Girl Scouts of Central Texas - Austin
2950 Harmony Science Academy - Waco
3103 Duchesne Academy
3310 Heath HS - Rockwall
3335 Cypress Ranch HS
3735 Klein ISD
3741 Grulla HS - Rio Grande City
3847 Strake Jesuit & St. Agnes Academy
3999 Shade Tree Mechanics - Killeen
4206 Nolan Catholic HS - Ft. Worth
4587 Jersey Village HS
4639 Seven Lakes HS
5052 Cedar Park HS - Austin
5070 Synergistic STEM
5287 Community Christian School - Orange
9999 Pearland HS

If you’re interested in coming and you are a Texas team please let me know ASAP. We still have 3 open spaces.

3481 Bronc Botz would like to come and compete.

–Michael Blake

Are you guys going to live-stream T.R.I. and upload the matches afterward like what you did at Lone Star?

Of course and this time we plan to have decent audio.

We have our final list of 32 teams. The last three spots were taken by team 3481 the BroncBots and two pre-rookie teams from KatyISD.

Team #	School/District/Team Organization
57	Booker T. Washington/HSEP, Houston, TX
118	Clear Creek ISD
148	Greenville HS, Greenville, TX
418	LASA High School, Austin ISD
457	South San Antonio HS
624	Cinco Ranch HS
1429	Galena Park ISD
1477	Conroe ISD
2158	Anderson HS, Austin ISD
2468	Eanes ISD, Austin, TX
2585	Bellaire HS, Houston, TX
2587	Lamar HS, Houston, TX
2789	Manor HS, Manor, TX
2881	Girl Scouts of Central Texas - Austin, TX
2950	Harmony Science Academy, Waco, TX
3103	Duchesne Academy, Houston, TX
3310	Heath HS - Rockwall, TX
3335	Cypress Ranch HS - Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
3481	San Antonio Competition Robotics Alliance (SACRA) & Northside ISD Brandeis HS 
3735	Klein ISD
3741	Grulla HS, Rio Grande City,TX
3847	Strake Jesuit College Preparatory & St. Agnes Academy, Houston, TX
3999	Shade Tree Mechanics, Killeen, TX
4206	Nolan Catholic HS - Ft. Worth, TX
4587	Jersey Village HS, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
4639	Seven Lakes HS, Katy ISD
5052	Cedar Park HS, Leander ISD
5070	Synergistic STEM, Houston, TX
5287	Community Christian School, Orange, TX
9997	Pearland ISD (Pre-Rookie Team)
9998	Taylor HS, Katy, TX (Pre-Rookie Team)
9999	Tompkins HS, Katy, TX (Pre-Rookie Team)

If you are a Texas team that isn’t on this list but is interested in competing please let us know. If we have teams drop out we can fill in from a wait list if we need to.

Even teams that aren’t competing are encouraged to attend, it’s going to be a fun day of robots and a great chance to see teams from across the state.

AWWW MAN!!! This is going to a lot of fun! The Devastators are soooo ready for this. Thanks to all who are involved in hosting this event! we can’t wait!

It’s going to be cool to see 2 pre-rookie teams from Katy!

Spectrum is offering a pre-order lunch option for T.R.I.
Teams can pre-order sack lunches for $6 each. The lunch will include a six inch Subway sandwich, chips, cookie/dessert, and either a soda or bottle of water. If you’re team is interested in pre-ordering lunches please fill out this form here.

An email just went out to all the teams with pit map, venue map, and event information. I’ve attached it here as well.

From an email that went out to attending teams.

"The Texas Workforce Commission is one of the sponsors for the Texas Robotics Invitational (TRI) event. As one of the sponsors for the TRI event, TWC has required that each student participant attending this tournament participate in an online survey located at www.centraltxfirst.org/survey. Coaches should advise students to consult with their parents or legal guardians prior to taking the survey. The survey needs to be done prior to attending the event.

If you have any questions or your team has already done this survey please contact FIRST in Texas representatives Jessica Galfas or Ben Holquist copied on this email."

In addition there will no longer be a judges workshop like announced in the flyer for the event.

T.R.I. will be played using the 2014 Aerial Assist rules with the following modifications.

1. No inspection, Honor system on legality. +5 pounds allowed. Gross / obvious violations of robot rules will be identified by the referees and must be corrected before the robot continues.

**2. **There is no zone requirement for possession. In other words, a possession anywhere on the field will be considered a possession in all 3 zones.

3. A trussed ball which is untouched by another robot and enters the low goal will be considered scored.

**4. **The basic foul of G21 is removed. Continuous / repeated violations will still be a technical foul. Contact outside the safety zone will still be enforced.

G21: ROBOTS may not extend outside the FIELD.
Violation: If intentional or if ROBOT extends into the SAFETY ZONE, NO CALL. If continuous or repeated violations, TECHNICAL FOUL. If contact with anything outside the SAFETY ZONE, RED CARD and the ROBOT will be DISABLED.

5. G14 will be modified to allow for “no call”.

G14: Strategies aimed solely at forcing the opposing ALLIANCE to violate a rule are not in the spirit of FRC and are not allowed. Rule violations forced in this manner will not result in assessment of a penalty on the target ALLIANCE.
Violation: NO CALL unintentional, inconsequential, or part of regular game play as judged by the referees. TECHNICAL FOUL for all others.

**6. **G12 will be modified so that an immediately rectified possession of the opposing alliance ball (from a truss shot, human play or field crew action, etc) will not be penalized at the discretion of the referees.

G12: An ALLIANCE may not POSSESS their opponent’s BALLS. The following criteria define POSSESSION :
“carrying” (moving while supporting BALLS in or on the ROBOT or holding the BALL in or on the ROBOT),
“herding” (repeated pushing or bumping),
“launching” (impelling BALLS to a desired location or direction via a MECHANISM in motion relative to the ROBOT), or
“trapping” (overt isolation or holding one or more BALLS against a FIELD element or ROBOT in an attempt to shield them).

Violation: NO CALL if immediately rectified unintentional and inconsequential FOUL, if unintentional and inconsequential (i.e. does not significantly impact MATCH play). TECHNICAL FOUL per consequential instance. TECHNICAL FOUL per extended instance. If strategic, RED CARD for the ALLIANCE.

**7.**G27 will be modified to remove the words “high speed or repeated aggressive ramming”. We’re keeping the game play resulting in portion though. This is because everybody has a different definition of what qualifies aggressive ramming. But to stress, we are keeping the gameplay resulting in…

G27: Strategies aimed at and/or game play resulting in the damage, destruction or inhibition of opponent ROBOTS via actions such as attachment, tipping, or entanglement of ROBOTS are not allowed.

Elimination Alliance Selection
The top 8 seeds will be the alliance captains but their selection order will be randomly assigned. Alliance captains may not select other alliance captains. A serpentine order will be in place for first two selection of an alliance. The fourth members of each alliance will be randomly assigned to them from the remaining teams.
**1. **Top 8 Teams = Alliance Captain
**2. **Top 8 Team numbers are placed into a hat, the first team drawn is now the #1 alliance captain and allowed to select their first alliance partner from the pool of teams that are not captains.
**3. **This continues through all 8 teams.
**4. **The last team drawn from the hat is allowed to select two teams just like a normal 8 seed alliance captain and we continue back up in reverse order like a normal serpentine draft.
**5. **After all alliances have three teams, the remaining 8 team numbers will be placed in a hat and they will be randomly selected by the alliance captains in 1 - 8 order.
6. This will end with each alliance consisting of 4 teams. During elimination play each member of the alliance must play in one of the first two matches of each series. (In practice this means after the first match, an alliance must switch in the team that didn’t play in the first round). Alliance captains must turn in a line up card to the head ref prior to each elimination match and may not deviate from that line up for that match.
**7. **One member from the non-playing team may be part of the drive team group and will be considered a COACH.
8. Declines are not allowed unless the team does not want to compete in the elimination rounds.

Thanks to the IRI planning committee for many of these rule changes.

Please have your orders in for pre-order lunches by this Tuesday. We will be ordering on Wednesday.

Texas Robotics Invitational Promo Video


Thanks to the Discobots and Zach Ahmed for putting this together.

The event setup starts in a few hours and matches begin tomorrow. Webcast link will be posted later today and it should be on TBA